Pete Carroll broke conventional training, and the Seahawks record proves it was a success

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsSeattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has a unique way of coaching and the main thing it revolves around is the essence of speed. So when cornerback Walter Thurmond got signed by the Seahawks back in 2010 in his rookie years, he knew that Carroll didn’t wait for laggers and to be a part of the team it was imperative he went with their pace. For Thurmond, that was hardly the least of his concerns.
For the last four years Thurmond has played football for University of Oregon. And in his senior years coach Chip Kelly had been his mentor. And the way Kelly ran drills speed was the thing he desired to see in his players. So when he came to Seattle adjusting to the pace of Seahawks was not a problem for him at all.
Thurmond went as far as to say that the drills back in Oregon were harder and had a faster pace about them than at Seattle. He added that they didn’t just rely on speed but also wanted the players to pack talent and give a great performance with great speed.
"Practice was probably faster at Oregon just because they preach that up-tempo. You run down on the play 30 yards downfield, and you have to run back because they're already lined up to run another play,” Thurmond said. “Practices were always ridiculous fast, but the competition level was still high. It's still the same in that manner.”
And when the Super Bowl XLVIII media day came on Tuesday Thurmond was the proof that the methods that both Kelly and Carroll employed in their teams that relied on speed and effectiveness of plays were a success. They have chosen not to go by the mainstream methods prevalent in NFL but have deployed their own coaching techniques which are both unorthodox and unheard of. Many had criticized them to be doomed for failure but in the end Carroll is the one who is headed to the Super Bowls and will definitely show the best performance the team can give.
Thurmond said that Kelly and Carroll did have different personalities and teams but in the end they ended up strikingly similar coaches.
"Pete's just a real West Coast, laid-back dude," Thurmond said. "Chip's from the East. He's a little bit more hard-nosed. Personality-wise, they're a little different, but their styles of coaching and practicing are identical."
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