Pete Rose says Bryce Harper is reckless

Pete Rose, who ruined a man's career to score a run in an All-Star Game, says Bryce Harper is too reckless

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Blog Photo - Pete Rose says Bryce Harper is recklessPete Rose was always known as one of the most intense players ever to play the game of baseball. He hustled 100% of the time, and even earned the nickname "Charlie Hustle" for his hard-nosed style of play.

That's why it's a bit surprising to hear Pete say that Bryce Harper plays the game too recklessly.

Keep in mind, this is the same Pete Rose who slammed into catcher Ray Fosse in the 1970 All-Star Game, separating his shoulder and effectively ending Fosse's days as an All-Star level player.
"Here’s Bryce’s problem, okay? Bryce growing up, I was his dad’s favorite player. I mean, that’s a fact. And there’s a difference in playing hard and playing recklessly. And Bryce plays recklessly."

Again... this is coming from the guy who did this in a game that had exactly zero bearing on ANYTHING:

What do you think? Is Pete Rose out of line for these comments? Or does he have a point?
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No, Pete Rose was not out of line. And most people would agree had you posted the rest of the comment instead of just part of it to make it seem negative.