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Peter Mel splits winnings after winning the Mavericks International

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Blog Photo - Peter Mel splits winnings after winning the Mavericks International
The Mavericks International was every bit entertaining as predicted. Surfers graced the biggest waves and performed the best stunts on the final day of the contest. As a result the Sunday finale attracted a mass of thousands at the beach.
Northern California Mavericks is famed for its ridiculously huge waves, something that were amiss at the contest. Nevertheless, ‘smooth sailing’ wasn’t scheduled for the tournament. Surfing fans were left entertained to peak with sharp drops, wipeouts and thunderous waves.
At the end of it all, Peter Mel from Santa Cruz took home all the glory. The victor showed he was not only good at surfing but also good at sharing. Peter Mel split his $50,000 winning between the six competitors at the tournament – a generous act that has become a tradition at the Mavericks International.
“We as a brotherhood decided to split the money," Peter Mel said. Mel explained that the competitors had agreed to split the winning before the paddled out for the last heat. “
“When you start a final like that, it takes the pressure off ... and that's when the waves started to come too,” Peter Mel added.
The judges at the contest marked competitors on a number of factors. However, usually whosoever ends up winning is the one who records the largest drop and rides the steepest wave. Peter Mel, 43, left the crowd stunned with a couple of spectacular drops and drives.
Forecasters had already predicted brilliant surfing weather for the weekend. The average size of waves was between 25 to 30 feet and they came at regular intervals of 20 to minutes.
The Mavericks demands a great deal of athleticism and experiences, which is why beginners are asked from the deep sea.  The swells at Mavericks travel through deep water before hitting a shallow reef. This is where the wave jumps upwards before crashing back into the sea.
The eleven-time world champion Kelly Slater was expected to compete at the Mavericks this year, but the American cancelled due to clash with another tournament.
Shane Dorian, who is widely acknowledged as the best big wave surfer in the world, was also scheduled to compete at the Mavericks. An unfortunate injury to his shoulder forced Hawaiian to abandon the contest. 
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