Petr Cech confident of Jose Mourinho’s ability to bring success to Chelsea

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Blog Photo - Petr Cech confident of Jose Mourinho’s ability to bring success to Chelsea
Petr Cech believes the return of Jose Mourinho will bring success and stability to Chelsea. The veteran shot-stopper hailed the Portuguese tactician as one of the greatest winners of the game. Petr Cech claims Jose Mourinho’s has no fear of losing games, especially if they help him achieve bigger goals, which is something the former Inter Milan manager plans of acquiring this season.
Jose Mourinho, who begins Chelsea’s preseason training sessions from Monday, is expected to make decisions about who will get the sack from his squad this week. The Old Guards of Chelsea prepare to renew their relationships with their former boss, who led them to the Champions League final and back-to-back Premier League titles during his first spell at Chelsea.
Petr Cech believes it’s the winning mentality of Jose Mourinho that will help him succeed in the Premier League once again. The Russian shot-stopper believes Jose Mourinho’s insatiable hunger for winning is what makes the former Real Madrid boss so successful.
"It's the mentality, the wording and the detail he puts into everything and he is a manager who'd rather lose than draw a game,” Petr Cech told The Guardian. “Some would say: 'OK, if you can't win it, just don't lose it.' But with him that's not the case. He's all about winning, and winning the right way. 'Right' doesn't necessarily mean in a 'great' way, as in a nice way to watch. Sometimes you have to win a game 'ugly'.
“If you play against a team who are really physical you have to find the way to compete. In the Premier League, teams play different styles and it's almost impossible to play 'nice' football.
“The 'right way' means you are tactically prepared and use the weapons to kill your opponent. Sometimes you impose the way you can play and you play football that is beautiful to watch; sometimes it's really scrappy, but you still need to win the game to win the title. This is the right way.”
Petr Cech admits Chelsea are hot-favorites for the Premier League title next season. All top Premier League clubs are unsettled because of new managers or inconsistent form. Petr Cech believes Chelsea can take advantage of this turbulent state to win the Premier League.
“We have an opportunity but City and United will still be the main threat,” Petr Cech added. “The Arsenal manager is under pressure as everyone keeps reminding him all the time since he won a trophy. They will want to show that they mean what they say, that they do want to challenge.
“Our ambition is the same: to try and win everything. The attraction for the fans, the media, even the neutrals is having Mourinho back and we'll all be under the spotlight, but it will not change the ambition of the club.
“He will judge better how we are different now to when he left. It's easier for someone who disappears and then comes back to see the changes, but I still believe he will find a great team with quality players, and facilities on a top level. Hopefully it will be something for him to start with.”
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