Peyton Manning Not A Big Fan of Tony Kornheiser; Mutes MNF When He Watches

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I'm intrigued by the matchup of Peyton Manning vs the Jaguars stout defense, but I've found another story far more interesting.


Peyton Manning mutes Monday Night Football when he watches at home.

"I enjoyed watching (Eli) play on Monday night because I got a chance to see him play live on TV, and being able to watch the game in mute,'' Peyton said. "Because it's an easier way to watch the game than hear some of those broadcasters.''"

Tony Kornheiser, never one to pass on self-deprecation, correctly figured out who Peyton was discussing:

"Yeah, it's probably me,'' Kornheiser told Kravitz.  "I'm sure it was the heads-on-sticks segment I did before the game.  You think that upset him?  Really?  I thought it was very funny.  I think most people thought it was hysterical.  That wasn't me saying those funny, mean things about Peyton.  That was Eli.  That's the whole idea behind heads-on-sticks.  I was just saying what Eli wanted to say. Like, 'What a raving egomaniac; he sent me a DVD of his 'Saturday Night Live' appearance.' It was the perfect marriage of PTI and Monday Night Football."

Here's a reason not to mute the broadcast tonight. Let's see if Tony responds ... I'm pulling for a segway into a commercial break asking viewers to hit mute if they don't want to hear any more Peyton Manning.


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10/23/07   |   ChicaQueso

Tony Kornheiser annoys the heck out of me during games and deserves to be muted.  If only they were all like Jaws and actually tried to analyze the plays.

I agree.  Last night stunk.

10/23/07   |   ChicaQueso

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Was it me .. or were they EXTRA annoying last night??  I left the volume up, as suggested, to hear if Tony responded.. and it almost killed me.  Then I saw Russell Crowe in the box and my finger was twitching over the mute button...

I definitely miss the analyzing of actual plays IN the game being watched.. it seems like it's all an afterthought these days... 
You hear this .. "Oh looks like his ankle is hurt, it might be taped... we'll update you... ANYWAY... I think Johnny Unitas doesn't get enough credit as being one of the great players of all time...And here is Russell Crowe to talk about Australia ... and we're back to Michelle on the field so she can tell us some random bit of information she got in passing before the game started ... go ahead Michelle ... Thank you, Tony!  You know, he told me before the game, we need to play hard to win, and I believe him ... back to you Tony ... Thanks Michelle ... How about those Patriots?"

10/23/07   |   Damondogg31   |   4 respect

The current MNF crew blows.     Bring back Al and John for Monday Nites as well as Sunday nite football.

10/22/07   |   ChicaQueso

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Haha I watch a lot of my games on mute... I get sick of the incessant, sometimes useless dialogue.  So if it is someone I really can't stand... I just watch on mute.... so funny.. great post