Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne angle for NFL free agency reunion

Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne pimping selves as a free agent package deal

2/28/12 in NFL   |   JoeKukura   |   492 respect

The more you hear about Peyton Manning playing football again, the more you figure that man will play the 2012 NFL season for someone other than the Indianapolis Colts.

In his Monday Monday Quarterback Tuesday Edition column, Sports Illustrated NFL writer Peter King reports that Manning and Colts receiver Reggie Wayne "would love" to be paired up on a different NFL team in free agency. Colts wideout Pierre Garcon is also mentioned as a potential interested party in this alleged getting-the-band-back-together.

The Colts have fewer than ten days to decide whether to cut Manning or pay him a $28 million roster bonus. Manning did not play a lick in the 2011 season, reportedly had four neck surgeries, and his playing future is uncertain. You realize, of course, that the Colts have the top pick in the NFL Draft with Andrew Luck sitting there at No. 1.

"I'm told at least two potential suitor teams would seriously consider in an attempt to lure the rehabbing Manning if the Colts cut him between now and the March 8 deadline," King writes in his column. "Such a pairing would not only be a plus for Manning, who would love to see it happen, according to one NFL source. But also it would allow (Manning) to go to his new team with one familiar receiving face."

King continues, "I'm told the 33-year-old Wayne, a looming free agent when the market opens March 13, is very interested in the combo platter also."

Let's read between those lines, people. Granted, neither Manning or Wayne actually said on record that they want to leave the Colts and play together for another team. But they either said it off-record, or had someone say it for them off-record. One could reasonably speculate that Manning and Wayne are trying to engineer some results here.

The big question is whether any teams believe Manning can play football again. If you believe Adam Schefter's Twitter account, quite a few of them do. "There were teams at the combine that once said they wouldn't pursue Peyton Manning now pondering that possibility," Schefter tweeted Monday. "Interest in 18 is high."
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3/1/12   |   Jetfixer   |   1469 respect

I think the press is making something out of nothing! Nobody has said anything for sure as of yet. Plus, I can't realistically see another team paying the kind of money those two (possibly 3) would ask for versus the amount of time they would all actually be playing together.

2/29/12   |   derms33   |   17653 respect

2 washed up guys for 50 mill?  sure

2/28/12   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

This actually works out kinda well. Pretty much all of those teams targeting Manning could also use a WR. Win-win, if he can actually play, and they can afford to pay them both.