Peyton Manning: a true football mastermind

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsIt has only been two years since Peyton Manning was dismissed by the Indianapolis Colts when he injured his neck and required a season ending spinal fusion injury. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and Peyton Manning returned stronger than ever boasting the best season start that any quarterback would dream of. Instead of making him weaker or disabling him, it seems the injury was nothing more than nature’s way of strengthening his will.
On Sunday, he showed that he had improved even more than what he was at Indianapolis when he played on the Lucas Oils stadium. Manning was replaced bu Andrew Luacs and was signed by the Denver Broncos.  It is his talent, intelligence, determination that commitment to the game that makes him stand out among all other quarterbacks.
The Broncos are unbeaten yet and are scoring on average an extraordinary 42 points per game. Just in the six weeks since the season began, he has thrown for 22 touchdowns.
Even though Manning is one exceptional quarterback, he definitely does not boast about it and gives his time to understanding the game better than gloating on how good he is.
Even though the majority of quarterbacks would start thinking about their retirement plans when they hit the age of 37, Manning plans to keep going as long as he is able to. With passing time, a player naturally gets bored of the same meetings, practices and games and plans on going out. Manning on the other hand enjoys everything.
“Everybody enjoys playing in an NFL football game, but I still enjoy the preparation, the work ... and being effective,” he said.
Manning didn’t take the Indianapolis dismissal as an end to his career but took it as a challenge and blended right in with the Broncos, giving them a better quarterback than he had been with the Indianapolis.
NBC football analyst Cris Collinsworth noted that Manning is always ahead of his opponents and when others are busy playing checkers, he would be playing chess. Not only does he stay ahead, he thinks from an entirely different angle too.
Collinsworth added that he always analysed Manning’s games at more depth “because I don’t want to look stupid. Because I know that he’s going to do something where I’m going to go, ‘Now, what just happened there?’”
“I think that’s really his No. 1 asset,” said Tony Dungy,Manning’s former coach. “He is so smart; he’s got such a great memory, such great recall.”
Denver running back said that training with Manning isn’t just about practicing old tricks, he makes new ones and teaches them too.
“One day we were out there just me and him and he’s yelling things like it’s 11-on-11,” he said. “He’s pointing out the middle linebacker and yelling at the tight end, changing the call. I look back like, who’s he talking to?”
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