Peyton Manning misses first practice since joining Denver Broncos

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsIf there is one thing sure about Peyton Manning, he takes every practice seriously. And when he had to sit out snaps on Wednesday, it was a sorry site to see.
Manning had to miss the practice on Wednesday due to a sore ankle. This was his first practice miss since he had signed up with the Denver Broncos. Coach John Fox did not disclose which one of the ankle was the issue and Manning didn’t answer either. The injury report did not say which ankle or what was the level of injury but Fox did say that it was not anything serious and was just a simple sore ankle.
"It was Greek's call," Manning said about Steve Antonopulos, Broncos head athletic trainer. "I can assure I didn't go down without a fight. But hopefully I'll use the day to get a little better, feel a little better."
When the Broncos faced Indianapolis Colts on last Sunday night, Manning was really manhandled by the Colts. The offensive line failed and he got hit 10 times and they had four sacks. They lost 39-33.
Still, Manning appeared to be in good spirits and deflected the question about which ankle was bothering him.
"I know government is shut down right now but I still very firmly believe in HIPPA," the federal medical privacy law. "So, I will refer all questions to the injury report,” he said.
Manning said that although he knew he was getting older and had already passed the normal quarterback retirement age, he still had a lot to offer to the Broncos.  He did agree that age was a factor.
"It's a physical game out there and I don't know who, in their 16th year, ever feels 100 percent at any point. I've been hit a lot. I've taken big hits and it's part of football is getting up and getting back in the game,” Manning said.
Even though during the practice seven of the starting position holders were sitting out due to one issue or the other, quarterback Brock Alan Osweiler said that the practice went well.
"It's nice to call your own plays and remember how our offense works rather than just running the scout team," noted Osweiler. "I thought it was great. It was a lot of fun. We got a lot of great things accomplished today and I'm definitely better for it."
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