Peyton Manning wants Broncos firmly saddled against the Texans

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Blog Photo - Peyton Manning wants Broncos firmly saddled against the Texans
Peyton Manning won’t call quits. The former Indianapolis Colts quarterback won’t admit his arm is sore or it’s what it used to be, but he did roughly state “it is what it is”.
Following his first practice and first loss with the Denver Broncos, Peyton Manning expressed desire to move on. The aging quarterback took a total of nine hits in the 27-21 loss to Atlanta Falcons.
In spite of the physical toll Peyton Manning has received in the short work week, the veteran is ready to gun his engine against the Houston Texans.
“I don't really get into that,” Peyton Manning said in an interview on Wednesday. “I've never really answered that question before. So, I'm full participation in practice.”
The strength left in Peyton Manning’s arm has been hot topic ever since he went under the knife last year. It seems like Peyton Manning is slowly growing back into form, but the question is whether he is capable of replicating former success – many would be skeptical.
“I am what I am, it is what it is, whatever expression is appropriate for that,” Peyton Manning said. “So, I don't know what to tell you.”
Peyton Manning also talked about the three interceptions he threw in the first quarter against Atlanta Falcons. Peyton Manning told reporters that his confidence wasn’t shaken even though he was going to be more careful in his approach in the next game.
“It's not deterred at all, if you're insinuating that,” Peyton Manning said. “We're still learning about each other. We're playing different opponents each week, live bullets, different types of defenses. The key is, you want to win games as you are continuing to learn.”
Peyton Manning will have to work with magic to get some yards on the table against Houston Texans.
The Houston Texans, who have won both of their games, have given away only 248 passing yards from a total of 392 yards. Moreover, they’ve let their opponents score only 17 points against them in the first two games of the season.
The Denver Broncos cannot boast about such form. Peyton Manning, who got sacked three times and knocked down six more, will refrain from promising a victory against the Houston Texans on Sunday.
Nonetheless, Peyton Manning looked determined for a good showdown. Peyton Manning focused on the fact that the Denver Broncos bounced back from a 20-0 deficit, even if they were defeated by six points and had committed four turnovers.
“I think it was more of a determined look,” Peyton Manning said. “When you get off to a slow start, you're determined. Dejected means you go out there, you lay down, you get beat 35-0. So, determined, I think, would be the more appropriate terms, and hopefully, we can build off that.”
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