Phil Jackson: “I Think Kobe Is Going to be Still a Scorer”

Phil Jackson: “I think Kobe Is going to be still a scorer”

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Blog Photo - Phil Jackson: “I Think Kobe Is Going to be Still a Scorer”
After tearing his Achilles and fracturing his knee, Phil Jackson still believes that Kobe Bryant can come back a great scorer.
"I think he'll be back," Jackson said. "I think Kobe is going to be still a scorer. He can score. We saw Michael Jordan at the end of his career still scoring 20 points a game and he was 37-38, I think. Maybe he was 38-39, I can't really remember. But I think Kobe can still post up. I think he can still be a good screen-roll player. He's going to hit shots. He can still shoot the 3-pointer. I think he's really realistic about it. He's really pleased. He felt like, you know, I will come back."
Jackson also believes that Kobe was overpaid at this stage of his career, but he’s also aware of all of the other benefits that Kobe brings to the table besides his basketball skills.
However, prior to Kobe’s injury, he was only averaging 13ppg, 6apg, and 4rpg. If Kobe cannot return to his old self on the court, he has to use his star power off the court for the Lakers to maintain their brand. A brand that has recently become tarnished with Dwight Howard’s departure and Jim Buss running the front office.
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