Phil Jackson 'Laughed' When Lakers Hired Mike D'Antoni

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When Phil Jackson went into the weekend after a conversation with Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss, he was told he had the weekend to mull over the offer and then he would give a definitive answer on the following Monday. 

However, we all know what happened next: Twitter went wild on a Saturday at midnight when it was announced via sources here and there and everywhere that the Lakers had bypassed their verbal agreement to wait on Jackson and hired Mike D'Antoni, spurning Jackson, a dude who has 11 rings to Mike's 0. 

Blog Photo - Phil Jackson 'Laughed' When Lakers Hired Mike D'Antoni"I laughed," Jackson said on ESPN Mike & Mike in the Morning.  "It was humorous to me when Mitch (Kupchak) said that we think Mike is a better coach for this group of guys."

He went on to say that he figured the decision had a lot to do with the recent acquisition of Steve Nash to run the point, however, Jackson also voiced concerns about whether or not D'Antoni's offensive schemes would allow Dwight Howard to excel. 

Mike D'antoni reportedly has been reaching out to Jackson to gauge his interest in taking over as head coach now that he realizes the pressures associated with the position.  
<-- I kid, I kid. 
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