Phil Jackson expected to get front office control of the New York Knicks

It looks like Phil Jackson will attempt to rescue the Knicks

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Blog Photo - Phil Jackson expected to get front office control of the New York KnicksThe Knicks have already reached out to Phil Jackson about coaching their embarrassment of a franchise, but he turned down the offers. Most likely, that's because their front office has been an absolute nightmare and they have virtually no tradable assets, no first round draft picks and only one remotely desirable player in Carmelo Anthony.

But according to ESPN's Chris Broussard and his legendary 'sources,' the Knicks are close to a deal that would bring Jackson to the Knicks to control their front office.

This seems like the only way anyone (particularly Jackson) would be willing to go to the Knicks, since their coaching hasn't been the problem lately. The problem is clearly their dysfunctional front office, which seems dead set on leaving them with as few valuable pieces as possible, and no chance to acquire any more.

If Jackson were to come to the Knicks in a front office role, would it even be a good idea? SB Nation's Seth Rosenthal seems to think that it's just fool's gold.

Jackson was a great coach for the Bulls and Lakers, but that was when he had transcendent talent on his teams, and there aren't many coaches who couldn't win with guys like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal and Pau Gasol.

Jackson's experience in the front office is almost zero, and what little he has done hasn't proven to be terribly successful.

Phil Jackson going to the Knicks would definitely be a big splash. But beyond that, would it really help them at all?
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