Phil Jackson’s Thoughts on the Lakers

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Blog Photo - Phil Jackson’s Thoughts on the Lakers
Former Laker head coach, Phil Jackson, has been relatively silent regarding the underachieving Lakers, but the eleven time champion recently provided some of his feedback with what might be wrong with the Lakers.
"They just don't put the ball in the post," said Jackson in an interview with Jack McCallum of  "They'll use a screen-roll to get the guy in the post. But there's no consistent plan to do it. Yes, Kobe will go in there. But Dwight [Howard] just doesn't get any touches. They've basically eliminated his assets."
Jackson knows that Kobe will play in the post, but the question is whether or not Dwight can be as affective in the post as Kobe. 
"I think he can be,” said Jackson.  “But he is not where he needs to be physically because of the back surgery. He needs a year to recover from something like that. He's starting to come around, but he has a massive upper body to carry around. He's a terrific athlete, but he still has to get all that back. He's looking better all the time, but his problem right now is turnovers. He's got to have a little better recognition, and that will help him gain the confidence of his teammates and coach, which he does not have now."
The only problem is that the Lakers do not have much time.  With their playoff hopes quickly diminishing every game, the Lakers are in must-win now mode right now.  Kobe has already hinted that he may only play for two more years and Steve Nash probably only has two years left as well.  Time is not on the Lakers side. 
Jackson, however, still believes that the Lakers are going to be able to find a way to succeed.    
"Yes, I think they are finding a way to play. And that's nice to see. Steve (Nash) has had to sacrifice because Kobe (Bryant) is dominating the ball, but Kobe is showing he can be both playmaker and scorer. Now it's about defense. And I think that's coming around. They make the playoffs, I think they've shown they're going to be in it with every team."
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