Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks: Is Matt Barkley the Answer at QB in Philly?

Is Matt Barkley the answer at QB in Philly?

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Blog Photo - Philadelphia Eagles Quarterbacks: Is Matt Barkley the Answer at QB in Philly?Two wrongs don’t make a right, and two good but not great quarterbacks don’t make a starter.
Chip Kelly, the new coach in Philly, finds himself in a situation of too many good quarterbacks, but not any that are good enough. Well, not good enough right now at least.
Michael Vick is injury and turnover prone, and likely has seen his best days in the NFL. He was always a player that got by on talent and not on savvy, so its hard to believe that he’s they type of quarterback that’s going to get better with age.
It’s not surprising that Vick has been sharing snaps in the offseason workouts, most new coaches want to step in and mold “their guy” at the quarterback position. But, it is a little surprising that the guy Kelly has chosen to take the first team snaps is second year quarterback Nick Foles.
Foles played admirably last year when he was called into duty, but never showed enough to make you think that he was the quarterback of the future in the city of brotherly love. A good backup, a capable fill in player, sure. But a franchise starter for a coach that thrives on offense? I just don’t see it.
Which is why I wasn’t in the least bit surprised to see the Eagles spend a fourth round pick on Matt Barkley. Barkley has the pedigree, the winning resume, and most importantly is a guy who Kelly studied exhaustively over the last four years while he coached at Oregon and Barkley played at rival USC.
Kelly must have seen something he liked during those years, something that he thinks will translate well into his system.
The biggest knock on Barkley is his height, and whether or not he will be able to consistently complete throws against taller NFL defensive lines. But Kelly’s system relies not on a tall quarterback throwing over them, but rather moving them around via misdirection and confusion to create passing lanes.
Kelly and the Eagles are looking for an open competition for their starting quarterback, and if Vick or Foles don’t separate themselves from the pack, it makes too much sense for the first year coach to go with the young, talented rookie and let him develop.

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