Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly needs to learn new tricks

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Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly has been under the spotlight for some time. And that’s not because its good, its bad. His coaching methods and the team’s performance have been under scrutiny as they fail to succeed and are continuously failing to meet expectations in the last two games.
The Eagles played well in their starting six games of the regular season and set a NFL record with 425 yards per game. Now the offense has halted and in the last two games, they have managed to get only 239.5 yards and only three points.
When asked Kelly after the loss to New York Giants on Sunday, he pointed the blame to the quarterback position.
"I think we've had some instability at the quarterback position,” Kelly said.
Although he is right, it is the coach who plans the game plays and teaches the team.
"I think we've also got to step up," Kelly said. "And it starts with me. I'm the play caller. I'm the guy calling plays. In the last two weeks I haven't done a very good job of it."
The Eagles running game has been the same for some time and it needs to be refreshed too. Two seasons ago running back LeSean McCoy scored 1,309 yards. But that was a long time ago when the zone read was childs play quarterbacks were a nasty problem for everyone. McCoy may be good but Kelly is relying too much on him and other teams are starting to evaluate his play and his moves are getting ever more predictable.
"One thing about this league, it's some of the smartest guys in the coaching ranks. It's going to come a time when they have looked at all the film and evaluated every play that you have done,” said Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant.
Kelly really needs to start learning new tricks and evolving with the going games. He needs to learn and adapt instead of repeating old school plays. The quarterback dilemma won’t be resolving soon and he will need to address it seriously and implement a solution.
"Right now we're unstable at the quarterback spot and we are not playing well at the quarterback spot, and we lost our last two games because of it,” he said.
Kelly relies too much on the same plays and this is starting to cost him. Time to move on from the good old plays because they are starting to get old.
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