Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly proves negative predictions to be wrong

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsWhen asked about self-evaluation about his performance, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly did not grade himself well and showed that he was not pleased with his performance.
The Eagles are out of the playoffs after getting defeated by New Orleans Saints but Kelly has really managed to pull a team out of the muck of its failures and raise the standards by a huge margin. Nevertheless, Kelly is happy with what he has achieved in his rookie season when stepping in the NFL. With an overall score of 10-7 with a team that only won four games last season and also made them the NFC East Champions, Kelly has proven himself to be an incredible coach who can dig out a team from the deepest of shit and put it back on its feet to fight the good fight.
But when asked to honestly rate his performance, Kelly was humble and gave a mathematical percentage of his performance.
"I give myself 58.8 percent. That's winning 10 games out of 17,” Kelly said.
The Eagles have all the things set for them to really shine in the coming future as their roster is full of young players who have impressive talent and are all going to deliver according to expectations in the coming future. Kelly has already shown his worth as a coach and things will only get better in his second year with the franchise.
When the Eagles chose to get rid of former coach Andy Reid and bring in a new coach who would be a rookie in NFL, there were many people if not an overwhelming majority who had predicted that the newbie from Oregon would not last and was not up to the task of digging the Eagles out of the mess they were in. Kelly was from the start a coach different from the rest and many thought his ways would not make difference.
How wrong they were. And Kelly did not pay any heed to what people thought about him but stayed focus on the task at hand. He mentioned that the other coached in the league were supportive of him and gave him respect even as a new coach. 
"I think the reception I got especially from the coaches in the league was awesome. Tom Coughlin, guys like that that I have great respect for that have been around the league for a long time, they were great with me,” Kelly said.
Kelly said that he owed gratitude to the other coaches for the wisdom they gave him and he had enormous respect for each coach in the NFL because not everyone gets to make it here and only the best come here.
“I'm really appreciative to the other coaches in this league, to get a chance to talk to them before the game and some of their thoughts and insights,” he said. “I know it's an honour to coach in this league. It's very difficult to get one of these jobs, and I have great respect for the guys."
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