Philadelphia Eagles thriving away from home

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsIn case the Philadelphia Eagles are serious about winning the NFC East they might want to ask the NFL to shift the rest of their games away from home. The Eagles are 5-1 away from home and 0-4 at their own turf at the Lincoln Financial Field. They are also at a record setting 10 consecutive losses there. While most teams are cozy on their turf, seems the Eagles are otherwise.
And they need to break that record for good if they have any intentions of being serious towards winning the division. They will have three games on their turf and then their bye week will start.
When asked, coach Kelly said he wasn’t sure why they weren’t faring well on their home ground.
"What is the answer for us not winning at home and being 5-1 on the road? I don't know. If we knew it, we'd replicate it,” he said. “Do we have to take the buses and drive around for a half hour before we go to the stadium? I don't know. If that was the answer, we would do it. We don't have that answer.”
Still though, Kelly was optimistic that they could do better at their home.
"But I do think we have an advantage. We love playing at home. Our fans are outstanding. They deserve it. That's what our goal is right now,” Kelly said. “We have a one-game season, and it's against the Washington Redskins, it's at home, and we're excited to get back into the Linc and play in front of our fans."
But they can look forward to playing on their home as they have a solid fan base and they will but do everything to ensure their team gets a warm support. According to Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson, that would be something really helpful.
"We got to get it going. We got to get back in the swing of things at home. Our fans deserve it. So, hopefully, we can collect something together, figure out what it is and just win in front of our home fans,” he said.
“But there's got to be support. We can't be coming into the game, first quarter, getting boos and all that type of stuff. (The fans) just got to work with us throughout the game. I think as long as everybody is doing their job and doing what they need to do, we'll be all right."
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