Philadelphia Flyers brings back Erik Gustafsson

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Philadelphia Flyers had a stable defenseman handling the job and was doing pretty good work there. Erik Gustafsson had been coordinating and switching with Andrej Meszaros at defense but then Meszaros got traded to the Boston Bruins. After that the Flyers signed in Andrew MacDonald from New York Islanders and since then Gustafsson has been a thing of the past with MacDonald being chosen over him. For the time being, he has been out of the picture.
Then on Tuesday the Flyers decided to bring their old player back into the active line and ice. Gustafsson has been out for 14 games and is in fit physical form. He has got his chance to come back to the starting line as their old veteran Kimmo Timonen has sustained an injury on which the franchise has not elaborated. When the Flyers take on the Saint Louis Blues on Tuesday he will be there to play back in his old position.
Gustafsson said that no player enjoyed being on the side while he could play the good game but he understood why and was just happy to get his shot back on the ice with the team.
“You don’t want to be on the side; it’s not easy, especially mentally, to stay ready,” Gustafsson said. ”But it’s part of the business were in and I’m happy to get the chance tonight and we’ll see where we go from there. It’s going to be a lot of fun tonight.”
Head coach Craig Berube praised Gustafsson for being a solid defense player but added that he would have to take things up a notch against the Blues, saying “to be a good defender and move the puck. Gus does that….Our D’s been pretty healthy and a lot of times he was just the odd man out.”
Flyers center Claude Giroux said Gustafsson was actually his favourite pick from his team and his resilience in the face of odds was remarkable and inspiring. 
“Gus is a really good player; he’s one of my favorite players, to be honest,” Giroux said. “He’s small, but he’s a hard-nosed player and he’s really smart out there. He reads the plays pretty good.”
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