Philadelphia Flyers looking to end losing streak against Buffalo Sabres

4/6/14 in NHL   |   BrianMaddock   |   1429 respect

The season is not yet lost for the Philadelphia Flyers as a playoff spot is still on the horizon for them. Chances are still good that they can get it if they work for it so their dreams of making it postseason still have life in them.
This means that the fight is not yet lost and as they host the Buffalo Sabres tonight they will have to overcome a major obstacle and that is their longest losing streak. To win the match, they will have to break out of their monotonous habit to throw games away.
The Flyers have lost 4 back to back games. The Flyers are now 2 points ahead of Columbus Blue Jackets to gain the third position for the playoff berth. The Flyers and Jackets have each 5 games left to play for the regular season to go so they do have hope to make up for their losses.
On Thursday the Jackets gave the Flyers a bitter shutout defeat and on Saturday they lost to the Boston Bruins 2-5. The only upside was that they managed to score that match.
The Bruins and Flyers were equal at the 40 minute mark and Wayne Simmonds and Ray Rosehill scored for the Flyers. Boston in the third put three pucks in the Flyers net.
Flyers head coach Craig Berube said that the team could win matches if it had a little self confidence and they were still not playing with the inner potential they had.
"I think we're a confident team still. I don't think we're playing the way we can," said Flyers head coach Craig Berube.
The Flyers have chosen to build themselves over and things aren’t going as planned. They have 2 back to back losses combined with comeback efforts that simply fail to deliver. If they want to win the games they will have to start playing with that calibre.
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