Philadelphia Flyers still on a roll, show their game versus the Pittsburgh Penguins

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThere was some speculation that the Pittsburgh Penguins have lost their cool versus the Philadelphia Flyers.
Its not that the Penguins are having a bad luck streak against the Flyers. They've actually been solid over the past 3 seasons, and the team is fairly well balanced. It is just that the Penguins do not seem to think that they can last against the Flyers and that mentality in the end costs them the match.
Flyers Matt Read said that the playoff games are different from the regular season games because in those games competition was more of a factor. Still, winning back to back games against a team that they might face in the playoffs definitely gave them something to keep in their heads. It allowed them some intimidation factor and confidence.
“I think playoffs are a little different than the regular season,” Read said. “When you win back-to-back games here on the same weekend, it’s got to be something in the back of your mind when we would play them [if we met] in the playoffs.”
Although goaltender Steve Mason was not with the team back in 2o11 when this all picked up, he still had a view on the whole thing, saying that he didn’t think too much on that matter and was always more focused on enjoying the game he was playing with his pals.
“I know the boys in this dressing room love playing against them. Whether we’re in their head or not, we don’t really care,” Mason said. “We get paid to play against them. It’s a fun game to be part of. We’re just happy about [getting] four points.”
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