Phillies Biggest Underdog to Win the World Series

Phillies Get No Respect; Biggest Longshot to Win it All

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On, the current odds to win the World Series as of 6:30 EST on Thursday, October 15:

New York Yankees- 20/23
Los Angeles Angels-3/1
Los Angeles Dodgers-7/2
Philadelphia Phillies-4-1

How are the defending World Series Champions, with a better pitching staff, the underdogs to win it all? I think it has more to do with the Yankees, than with the Phillies, but how are the Phillies failing to get any respect? Is it because the Rockies put up a good fight and now everyone is jumping off of the bandwagon? I tend to think that's the case, but I think the Phillies aren't getting the respect they deserve.

Phillies Chances to Win it All
The Phillies have had a shaky bullpen and Cole Hamels has not been the lights out pitcher he was, but they have Cliff Lee. Cliff Lee more than makes up for the small loss in performance by Hamels. Brad Lidge has lost his confidence but he is still an effective closer when he keeps his head on his shoulders. The Phillies have a more dangerous lineup top to bottom than the Dodgers, and have better starting pitching. I understand why Yankees are the favorite's, they have the best lineup, and best closer in baseball, but the Phillies should be favored over the Angels and Dodgers.

I can't quite remember, who did the Phillies beat last year to get into the World Series? The Dodgers, and I would have to say that the Phillies have improved more over the last year than the Dodgers. Despite my thoughts, the Dodgers remain the favorite in the NLCS. We will know if Vegas had it right soon enough, but I would put my money on Philly before putting a penny on the Dodgers or Angels.

The Phillies are worth a small wager at 4-1, they are being undervalued as a World Series contender.
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100%InjuryRate wrote:

That made me laugh.

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100%InjuryRate wrote:

The Stros are my NL team (lived for a couple months in Houston) and couldn't believe he gave Pujols that pitch..I dont think it has come down yet.

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Btw, I figured out what Brad Lidge's problem was this year: Blasphemy.