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Getting tired of hearing about attendance at games.  I am doing my part and have been to 3 home games already this year and plan to attend at least another 20 more not counting playoffs where I will be at every one of them. 

Here is the thing. The fans here in Arizona were punked really bad by Moyes.  There truly needs to be a healing process here.  The fans are not just going to come out and trust until they are assured their emotional and financial investment in season tickets is warrented.  It is that simple and that is just human nature.  Personally I am going to support them until they solidify their stature in Arizona or they leave.  I am just that kind of guy.  But I also understand the past 5 years plus of season tickets holders issues where over 65% of season tickets holders did not renew.  If I had one thing to say to them is enjoy it while it lasts.  Don't give up until it is over and NEVER SAY DIE!!!!!!  Personally that is my mentality on every sport and team I have ever backed but I can't exepect everyone to think exactly like me.  Also, if I were dropping 5 K on seasons tickets and went through what these folks went through this past offseason I can't honestly say that I would not have extreme bitterness. 

My true beef though is with so called hockey fans in the Valley of the Sun.  How dare any of you that fit into this category I am about to describe, call yourselves true hockey fans.  How dare you call yourselves fans.  Ok, so where am I going with this...lets get to it shall we.  Arizona has to be one of, if not the largest transplant states in the country.  That said, me included, people come here with loyalties to the teams they probably grew up with.  I for one still love my Islanders, win, lose, or any which way.  Always have and always will.  I also though am a sports fan as much as just a team fan.  I came to Arizona after growing up with the Yankees, the Giants, the Nets, and the Islanders.  But I am a die hard sports fan period, first and foremost.  I am pulling for and support all of our home teams here in Arizona.  Problem is too many do not.  What is happening is and it is very apparent when you go to Hockey games in particular, is the transplanted fans will go to the games when their team comes to town, then completey blow off the home team.  Most cities are not that way but most cities are not transplant cities like Arizona. 

If there are any Arizona transplants that fit into the category I express with some disdain above, it is not too late to show you are a true sports fan.  Support your local hockey team even when your team you grew up with is not here to play.  Understand this.  If you all don't start to do that, in time, you will never get to see your teams here and you will have to spend an arm and a leg to travel to see them if you want to see them. 

Anyway, that is my rant and I stand fast with my convictions.  There is no argument that can lead me astray from this mentality.  All of you people that come to Arizona, complain about the trip to Glendale, or rip on fans in general in Arizona, you really need to check yourselves.  You are a Zonie now too.  Wake up and either move back where you came from or support your state dammit. 

You have got a group of kids on the ice right now playing their hearts out.  I sat right behind the Coyotes bench last night and I have to tell you I see talent, emotion, comraderie, and a bunch of guys looking around wondering what the hell.  These guys deserve better.  Lets round up, drop our stupid mentality of just going to see our "home" team where we grew up, and go to many games.  Lets be true sports fans as a whole.  I am not asking anyone to drop their loyalties.  I have never let go of my loyalties to my NY teams.  I am simply asking you to be a sports fan and support your local teams. 
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