Phoenix Suns’ Top Three options at starting shooting guard

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Like most NBA teams, the Phoenix Suns have already mapped out four of their five starters (Goran Dragic, Michael Beasley, Luis Scola and Marcin Gortat) for the regular season, but coach Alvin Gentry is still assessing options for the starting spot at shooting guard.
The Phoenix Suns will inevitably browse the free agency or even consider dropping a draft pick while shopping for a more reliable veteran point guard. Considering that point guard is a tough spot to fill and the Phoenix Suns have a very young roster, for now, there don’t appear to plenty of options outside three point guards on the team.

  • Jared Dudley
While Jared Dudley is only 27-years-old, he provides a veteran presence on the team with a majority accounting for less than Dudley’s five year’s in the league.
Jared Dudley earned 60 of 65 starts in games he played last season, posting career-highs with 12.7 points and 4.6 rebounds average per game.
Additionally, Jared Dudley is a highly efficient shooter from the 3-pointer line, which accounts for 38 percent of his field goal attempts. It will be highly effective use of Jared Dudley’s abilities to deploy him out on the wing or position him in a corner for some valuable 3-pointers.
 Another upside to starting Jared Dudley at point guard is that he’s already started developing “good chemistry” with other Phoenix Suns starter such as new recruit Luis Scola.
Overall, Jared Dudley is a good defensive player, who’s been at the top of training camp so far. In Saturday’s scrimmage alone, Jared Dudley made 11 out of 11 of his field goal attempts, totaling 31 points and six rebounds.

  • Shannon Brown
Shannon Brown posted career-highs averaging 11 points and 2.7 rebounds, playing 23.7 minutes per game last season. And while Shannon Brown build an up-tempo pace with the Phoenix Suns, coming of the bench to attempt at least ten shots per game, and shooting 42 percent from the field, he isn’t known for his efficiency. That puts Shannon Brown’s scoring on 36 percent field goal attempt from the 3-pointer line under doubtful light.
Instead, Shannon Brown stands out on the team due to his athleticism, and most productive when driving to the basket. He could make a formidable pair with Michael Beasley, who is equally athletic.
While Shannon Brown predominantly played off the bench, during the 19 games he earned starts last season, the point guard averaged 15.8 points and 3.7 rebounds, with improvements to his field goal and three pointer percentages aw well.

  • Wesley Johnson
And while you may be laughing as you read this one, due to the mere suggestion of this second-year point guard, who averaged six points and 2.7 rebounds appearing 23 minutes last season, starting at the spot, Wesley Johnson too had his upsides last season. Wesley Johnson’s shooting percentage improved from 21 to 41 percent following the All-Star break.
And while he was not be great on the defense, Wesley Johnson is a pretty good defensive stopper, a department where the Phoenix Suns greatly lack. Wesley Johnson could prove affective starting the initial 20 minutes, leaving a fresh veteran presence in Shannon Brown and Jared Dudley to lead the second unit.
Wesley Johnson has also significantly produced during training camp scrimmages, contributing once eight and the other time ten points (the only score from his team). 
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