Phoenix Suns Waive Michael Beasley

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Blog Photo - Phoenix Suns Waive Michael Beasley

The Phoenix Suns waived troubled forward, Michael Beasley, on Tuesday, after just one year of experimenting on him.  The former number two pick has already played for three different teams in just five years and is now looking for a fourth.  But will any team in the NBA claim the talented, but cancerous Beasley now?
Last year, Beasley averaged a meager 10ppg and 3.8rpg on a Phoenix Suns team that had no depth or playoff potential. 
Beasley still has two more years on a three-year deal that is worth $18 million.  But the Suns thought it was better to part ways with Beasley right now, rather than waiting next year when he only had one-year left on his deal.  That is how much they wanted to get rid of him.  At this point in Beasley’s career, he is in the “not worth the gamble” stage.  So, unless another gullible GM thinks that Beasley is redeemable as a player, his playing days may soon be over.  And unfortunately for Beasley, David Kahn is no longer a GM.
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about time someone stepped up and looked him in the eyes.... he's leaving millions on the table ????? whos the next player to get tossed in the NBA!!!