Picking APart the Pollsters: Jon Wilner Needs To Lay Off The Gamecocks

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Our weekly look at the individual AP Ballots is back again for this season. Who was the biggest homer? Who doesn't make any sense? Who actually (gasp!) deserves some credit?

The Week's Beef: Jon Wilner's logic or lack thereof, voters making it obvious about THE game they watched this week, and Arkansas completely falling off 95% of the ballots.

At least we don't have to worry about Louisville being ranked over Kentucky (link to last week's PATP) this week.

Jon Wilner (San Jose Mercury): I thought this was a misprint, but unfortunately for Jon's case, it's not. You'll remember Jon was the genius who professed his love for the Ol' Ball Coach by ranking the Gamecocks 4th. One would think he might have dropped South Carolina a few spots after Saturday's loss. Nope. Steve Spurrier's team is still ranked 4th according to Wilner. In other Wilner rationale, Georgia moves wayyy up to 7th while Alabama stays high at 11. In comparison to one another that's fair, but a bit high don't you think? Oh there's more: West Virginia at 14, South Florida at 15; Miami (FL) at 20, Virginia Tech at 21.

Tom Hart (CSTV): In comparison, College Sports Televisions' expert has Georgia at 23, Alabama 24. Hart gets a thumbs up for not sticking to preseason polls and showing a willingness to move Wisconsin down (16) as a result of a less than impressive 4-0 start.

Scott Wolf (Los Angeles Daily News): After not ranking Kentucky (but Louisville), our favorite pollster corrected himself a little too much and put the Wildcats at 12th. Also, you'll be happy to know Mr. Wolf ranked the Michigan Wolverines at 22.

Ray Fittipaldo (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette) Hawaii ranked 10th. Sorry, not even close. Honestly tell me if you'd take the Warriors over any of these teams Ray has ranked behind them (on a neutral site). Virginia Tech? No. Georgia? No. Oregon? No.

Kirk Herbstreit (WBNS-AM Columbus) Herby's ballot brings up a good debate. Do you vote for the best 25 teams entering Week 5 or do you vote based on the season long resume? I lean more towards to former and go with the latter when debating between two even teams. I bring this up in regard to Kirk because he had Penn State 5th last week and moved the Nittany Lions down to 16th. He fails to rank the Wolverines at all despite keeping Penn State in check Saturday.

David Birkett
(Oakland Press) Feeding the SEC fans hate of the Midwest. How do you rank Miami (FL) and Texas A&M, but then leave off Alabama and Arkansas, and dropping South Carolina down to 20. Worth noting, neither Michigan voter including the Wolverines.

Mike DeArmond (Kansas City Star) & Steve Batterson (Quad City Times) This week's co-winners of the "I Clearly Didn't Watch This Game" Award. Mike has the Aggies at 21, Steve at 17.

Doug Doughty (The Roanoke Times) Connecticut ranked 23rd. That might be the lamest attempt to be hired by ESPN of all time.

Molly Yanity (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) In the very first Picking APart the Pollsters I called out Molly on her apparent love for the Beavers. Well that continues to hold true despite losses to Cincinnati and Arizona State. She's ranked the Bearcats at #15, which we can safely assume is the only time she's watched Cincinnati play. Note to Molly: Oregon State isn't that good.

Neal McCrady (Mobile Press Register) Arizona State at 11 is bold. Michigan State at 24, Virginia Tech at 25 is dumb. People, the Hokies are still a very good football team.

Chris Fowler
(ESPN) I thought you'd be interested to know Mr. GameDay was among those voting for Michigan (22), which by the way I am in favor of. Craig James has the Maize and Blue at 19.

There are plenty more worth notice, but I'll leave the up to your own take.
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9/24/07   |   Flousc

Polls don't matter because if South Carolina goes to Knoxville 7-1, they will likely be in the top 10 anyway, but what I am curious of is how pollsters can honestly rank Georgia ahead of USC when they both have 1 loss, but USC beat them at their place, while their loss is a 12 pointer on the road vs. the #2 team. Oh and VT, the same team that got trounced by LSU is ahead of USC. Polls proven worthless again. Show me the polls in December, until then, they are a joke.

9/24/07   |   Beatuofa

Why on earth would you rank a 2-2 Michigan team just because they beat a putrid Notre Dame team and then squeaked past an overrated, offensively challenged Penn State squad?  If you're already wanting to bump the Wolverines back into the top 25 then it's obvious you're just doing it based off the fact that they're wearing Michigan uniforms (and yes, I do realize you're a Spartan fan, CF!)

9/24/07   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

Jon Wilner wins the "My Vote Should Be Taken Away" award simply for this weeks ballot.