Pistons claim first home game, defeating Celtics 103-83

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After a dominating win over the Toronto Raptors, the Boston Celtics to the Detroit Pistons in a second-back to back game this week.Greg Monroe led the Detroit Pistons with 20 points and 13 rebounds, marking their first home win of the season in a 103-83 game.
After starting off the season on a packed schedule of road games the Detroit Pistons (2-9) hit their first home game last week and since they’ve blown double-digit leads in so far three home games. However, the Boston Celtics (6-5) were never a serious threat to the Detroit Pistons entering their fourth game in in five nights. The drained Boston Celtics offense scored only four 3-pointers and never held a chance of winning the game, trailing the Detroit Pistons by 22 points.
Forward ran in with 15 points while six other players also topped double digits on a night when the Detroit Pistons shot 54.5 percent from the floor.
 Meanwhile, rookie Jared led the Boston Celtics with 16 points and Kevin Garnett came in close with 15 points.
The only positive aspect of the Boston Celtics game against the Detroit Pistons came in the fourth quarter when Rajon Rondo racked up 10 assists. It ultimately extended Rajon Rondo’s double-digit streak to 34 games, ranking as the third-longest in the NBA. Predicting an inevitable defeat, the Boston Celtics designed a small-ball offense in the last few minutes to maximize Rajon Rondo’s assist in the game.
A play by Jared Sullinger afforded Rajon Rondo’s monumental moment in the game marking his tenth assist with the Boston Celtics tailing the Detroit Pistons 101-881 in the last 51 seconds. With the secondary target achieved, the Boston Celtics immediately benched Rajon Rondo, with Leandro Barbosa taking the court.
Magic Johnson holds the record for the longest assist streak at 46 games, while John Stockton comes in second at 37-consecutive games played. Both records are over two decades old.
Although the Boston Celtics started off hot, the effects of the packed schedule clearly took toll on their performance in the second quarter. The Boston Celtics missed 12 of the initial 16 shots in the quarter and they only managed to maintain a five point deficit by the first half due to a series of turnovers by the Detroit Pistons.
The Boston Celtics had little opportunity even in the third quarter as the Detroit Pistons played solid defense.  The Detroit Pistons outscored them 24-12 in the third quarter as the Boston Celtics shot 31.3 percent and turned over the ball seven times.
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