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Pittsburgh Wants To Party Like It's 1992!

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The year was 1992. Macaulay Culkin's parents left him home, alone...again, and everyone wished they hadn't known all there was to know about the "Crying Game". Give me the plunger too, Ace, it was a year to forget as quickly as we remembered. Questions like, "Will anyone ever sing it better than Whitney?" and "What the hell is a Game Boy, and where do I get one?" were on the minds of many, young and old.
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For the inhabitant faithful of the Three Rivers area, a familiar pride, now a stale memory , stood solid in the community make-up like its blue-collar ethics the sports world had grown accustomed to. As per-the-usual, it was the All-Star break and the Buco's were sitting pretty, driving the ship as they should, in first place. It was a common theme that Pittsburgh and the fans didn't mind seeing again and again, over and over - Hit the reset button!

But, times change and then stay the same. To most Pirates fans, the decade long drought of losing was terrible and pride-swallowing - Pierogies and 7 Primanti Brother sandwiches, yes... pride, no. Would it ever end!? Will ever end!? No, sir. Another decade later and the Pirates were still cleaning the barnacles off the bottom of the ship that is the N.L Central. A position the team, and the town was not meant to operate. True fans stick together and rally around their team, regardless - In the movies. However, in reality, no Pirates fan could, or can take much more losing.

Think of it this way: Since 1992, they have left that kid "Home Alone" more times  than the Pirates have had winning seasons. 

But, before you call Social Services or purchase a leash, hold the phone and grab a seat. There may be a small glimpse of the old-time rearing its head from the confluence of confusion.

The year is 2012. Game Boys come in pill form so the kids fingers won't hurt and "A league of their own" is what the Twins, Astros and Cubs want to start. Most importantly, it's the All-Star break and the Pirates have played the front -side 10 wins over par, good enough for first place.

Repeat, history? Sure! History.

Pittsburgh has been on this side of success before and, like last year, may take the proverbial plunge into the waters of shame, sooner than later. But don't focus on that scenario, it shouldn't matter. Their current record and success is a sign of good things to come. I'm not talking about a Cuban purchase that will have no impact on wins vs. losses for seven years. This is a sound team playing sound baseball, currently, and carrying the one-year-older slogan from last seasons debacle. Even the experts have broken ankles and noted this team is more experienced than previous seasons.

Punching a teams ticket to the playoffs, pre-August, is as faux pas as talking pitching strategy with a starter in the 8th inning of a perfect game. I get it. But, as I sat in Dodgers stadium on the 4th of July, mesmerized by the amount of people they squeezed onto the outfield to watch the post-game fireworks display, I pondered and poked at this thought. 

........With this Reds loss, an unimpressive team, the Pirates were back in first place in the Central. That division will be fun to watch in the second half, surely. If the Pirates keep their pitching in order and Hurdle keeps the hitters, selective, it may be "We are family, all over again!"

And, don't call me surely! (Airplane...see it)

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