Pittsburgh Pirates Upset Over Lunch Bags.

Pittsburgh Pirates Want Their Lunch Bags!

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What happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse. It's the unwritten rule and code of the MLB, for players, management and even the staff. That is - for absolute certainty - if it does not involve something as silly and trivial as what will forever be known as the, "2012 Pirated-Pirates Lunch Bag Scandal." Sit back, crack a "six" and get ready for the shamed and shameless - The unbelievable just became believable. 

Apparently, Boston is not the only clubhouse where food is a concern during the crunch-time of September. While the Pittsburgh Pirates are fighting, albeit a losing battle, for their playoff chances and first .500-record in twenty-years on the field, debacle, confusion and a child-like issue are clouding the clubhouse off the field. 

What in the what?!

A Source close to the team, and the inter-workings of the clubhouse, has said that a lunch bag give-away for fans at PNC Park a few weeks back caused one of the biggest "whodunits" for the Pirates Players, and all-around head scratching for the staff. 

Like a scene from "Billy Madison," the Pittsburgh Pirates wanted to know where their sack-lunches went - Right now! 
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True-to-form for most ball park deals, the give-away was for a certain number of fans arriving, firstly, to PNC Park. Simple enough - You buy the $14-dollar beer, the sack-lunch is on the Pirates brass. Enjoy!

Meanwhile, as the Pirates skid was in full force and gathering speed, the player's expectations that day were not what you would think. Especially, as a Pirates fan - and actually any person over the age of five. Regardless if it was win or lose, a game earned or a game lost, the outcome and atmosphere in the clubhouse, post-game, had different concerns from the players. Staff members immediately found themselves the center-of-attention by the Pirates, fielding one, repeated-question from several of the big-named players .  And, not just as second-thought. This was the the only thought.

Wild Card-Shmild Card! Why were none of the lunches saved?! 

Why was this even an issue? How was this an issue? The Pirates have way bigger concerns. 

The current slide out of Central Division contention and the difficult N.L. Wild Card race has caused many MLB analysts to question if the Pirates team has the make-up to continue a successful push - held strong until the west coast trip and recent home games. Until last night, it looked as though they would never win another game.
August 28, 2012; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle (center) reacts as he talks to home plate umpire Adrian Johnson (right) as shortstop Clint Barmes (left) looks on against the St. Louis Cardinals during the fifth inning at PNC Park. The Pittsburgh Pirates won 9-0. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Come September, when the season can be lost quickly, the focus needs to be 100% all the time, every pitch - much like successful teams that do not implode. Worrying where their share of the fan's give-away is will not break the twenty-year drought. Yes, the 162-game stretch can be cumbersome and the seriousness of the game does require mental-breaks, periodically. Like any public figure, from Hollywood to Pittsburgh, sometimes what is expected by MLB players can be confusing and down right laughable to the more common - non-conceited-person. Unfortunately, it is allowed. But, breaking down, mentally, can not be allowed. The veteran players for the Pirates need to keep the clubhouse focused on one thing - Wins!.

Once they make the playoffs, and the wait is over, the players can have their sack-lunches the Sasquatch stole from them.
Blog Photo - Pittsburgh Pirates Upset Over Lunch Bags.

Until then, keep it on the field.

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