Plaxico Burress Suspended Two Weeks By New York Giants For Insubordination. Will Miss Seahawks Game.

Plaxico Burress Is A Riddle Wrapped In An Enigma

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I remember back in the day when wide receivers in the NFL were basically just cogs in the wheel who did their jobs and didn't cause any problems. So, as you can probably guess, I'm incredibly old.

Today's wide receiver that's causing crazy drama for his team isn't any of the usual suspects, instead it's Super Bowl hero and fat new contract holder Plaxico Burress. Uh, what? He didn't change his name to Plaxico Muchos TD Catches, did he?

No, instead the Giants primary receiving option is being suspended two weeks for insubordination. Which would seem logical if he were on the Chiefs, but he's playing for the 3-0 Super Bowl defending Giants and he has a new $35 million contract.

So what happened? It appears that Plax has kept his daily routine from last year going - which was never practicing.

The Giants have suspended Burress for two weeks for failing to show up for work on Monday and not responding to several phone calls by the team to explain his unexcused absence both Monday and Tuesday.

Now, never practicing is fine when you're injured, like he was last year, but he's healthy this season, so that's sort of a problem now. The suspension goes into effect immediately, and since the Giants have a bye this week, that means the only game he'll miss is the Oct. 5th game against the Seahawks.

The weird thing is no one's really sure why this happened. All that's known is that Plax met with the team this morning, gave some excuse, and it didn't fly. Calls to Plax or his agent - Drew Rosenhaus - weren't returned.

Anyway, while the Giants are playing extremely well, they're in the toughest division in football, which means having Plax do something this stupid really doesn't help. I don't think they'll have too much trouble with the Seahawks, but you never know. In a division as tight as the NFC East looks to be this year, all it can take is one bad game and it's so long playoffs.

Star wideout skipped practice, ignored calls [Fox Sports]
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9/25/08   |   RobPeyton

he was top reciever at a point last year and won the superbowl hes gotta big head now....all i can say is Rick james said it best

they shoulda never gave you "playas" moneeeeeey!!!!!

9/24/08   |   Cartercincyfan

Really now? I heard this, didn't know why. He'd better have a good reason. His feelings from the offseason with his contract could still be in effect.

9/24/08   |   RobPeyton

slowcheetah wrote:
oh great, now I have to find another receiver for my fantasy football league

imagine getting stuck with Reggie Wayne AND Marvin Harrison I had to grab 2!!!!! not that anybody i got wouldnt have more points anyway......

ignore my picture while reading comments please......

9/24/08   |   slowcheetah

oh great, now I have to find another receiver for my fantasy football league

9/24/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

Note to Plax: Next time you need a day off, just call in and say you have a stomach virius. Employers hardly sweat you when give them that exucse.

9/24/08   |   Toejam   |   22 respect

as a Seahawk fan i would like to thank Plaxico and the Giants, the Hawks will have a bye week to get someof the injured players back  and this will only help in their week 5 matchup.......