Plaxico Burress To Be Benched For The New York Giants Versus Pittsburgh Steelers Game
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Plaxico Burress Is Being An Idiot Again

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Today biggest game, by far, is the 5-1 Giants versus the 5-1 Steelers. So, naturally you'd expect players on both teams to be pretty pumped up for this game.

Well, not Plaxico Burress.

It seems that Plax decided to be a dumbass all of this past week by skipping scheduled treatments. Why you'd skip treatments designed to help get you healthy is beyond me, but whatever. The Giants, according to multiple sources, considered hitting Plax with yet another suspension but it appears they've held off on this course of action at least for the time being.

Instead, they're going to bench his disinterested, lazy butt for one of the biggest games of the year.

Supposedly Burress will not start in today's game versus the Steelers, and there's a chance they could hold him out for much of the game depending upon how well the Giants' offense performs. Also, provided Burress has zero blowups or meltdowns today the punishment will stand. If not, he could face further disciplinary action.

I actually applaud the Giants for doing this - if they do indeed do it. Burress, as I'm sure you all remember, was suspended for the Giants' game against the Seahawks for also being a lazy dumbass. But today's game against the Steelers is huge. Benching Burress for the majority of this game would really send a message to him that you know what, as great of a player as you are, you better follow team procedure or you aren't playing.

I honestly don't know what the hell Plax's problem is, but he's been like this his whole career. He simply wants to show up and Sunday and play. Which is fine if you're in a weekend warrior league, but it's not cool when you're being paid millions of dollars a year to also, you know, show up to things like practice and team treatments.

I'd have to think regardless of how well the Giants do this season, they're going to think long and hard about getting rid of Plax in the offseason. The guy is simply a lazy malcontent. And it's seriously starting to like he's becoming more of a problem than an actual benefit.

Plaxico benched [FOX Sports]

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10/26/08   |   CalBoomer   |   43 respect

Plaxico Burress is becoming the next Terrell Owens.

10/26/08   |   MrNFL   |   175 respect

Getting rid of Shockey paid off...hmmm