Plaxico Burress Weapons And Pants Seized From His Home By Authorities

Militia Leader Plaxico Burress's Home Is Raided

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Santa gave us an early Christmas present, and boy is it ever special. Late last night Plaxico Burress' New Jersey home was raided and guess what, authorities found a small weapons cache and the sweats that Burress wore the night he shot himself in the leg.

So, what firearms did Burress have in his house?

A 9-mm handgun, a rifle and ammunition, including a clip for a .45 gun, were taken from Burress' home in Totowa by authorities executing a search warrant Tuesday evening, police said.

That's just fantastic. And, as I said, they also managed to grab his sweats that he wore that hilarious night where he shot himself. But don't worry, that's not all. There was supposedly something else found at the house.

The New York Post reported that authorities discovered a suitcase full of money, but police said that was unsubstantiated.

Ok, so just to go over this again, Plax had weapons in his house and a suitcase full of cash. Perhaps Plax is starting a second career as a gun runner to unstable African nations or possibly preparing for the inevitable fall of capitalism and the free-for-all when that occurs or, last but not least, singlehandedly attempting to revive the New Jersey state militia.

Now, the one thing to remember here is that police don't yet know if the firearms they found in the house are actually registered or not. I'm going to go out on a limb and say at least one of them is not. That will of course make it a little tougher for Plax to potentially play football again. 

One last thing I'd just like to mention, for sheer comedy's sake, is that Plax's wife is actually a licensed New York attorney. I don't know how many of you know how hard it is to pass the New York state bar, but it's not easy at all. Plax's wife is obviously smart, much smarter than he is. Which I guess begs the question of why on earth she's married to a guy that seems to be on the verge of starting his own militia. But then that's a question to answer another time.

Weapons, ammo, pants seized from Burress' home [AP]
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12/24/08   |     |   2231 respect

Interesting article WCK, I'm gonna reserve judgement and see what else turns up...

12/24/08   |   RichyMcWiggleSr   |   2050 respect

A lot of rich people keep a pretty big grip of cash handy ... some to avoid taxes (the dumb ones like my old boss) and others to use to spend on things, WITHOUT having to leave one's name on the purchase (ie. credit).  I highly doubt the money had anything to do with any weapon.

Something I wonder about is:  If having a single gun is considered reasonable (by some), "because he's a high profile guy who fears for his life" ... than why have any laws concerning "Gun Ownership" anywhere near Los Angeles??

12/24/08   |   Heyhey1970   |   194 respect

Wow, I haven't heard a story like that since Tank Johnson was asked to leave the Bears.  It was no shock that Jerry Jones thought it was no big deal. 

12/24/08   |   derms33   |   17642 respect

Remember...they only found 2...I am sure there is more