Plaxico Burress contract not appealing to Carolina Panthers

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It appears Plaxico Burress may not be as busy in the coming NFL season as he planned it to be. The former New York Jets wide receiver Placxico Burress sustained another significant hit to his future plan when sources close to the Carolina Panthers revealed that the franchise remains uninterested in the 34-year-old.
Arguably, Plaxico Burress may be the highest profile free-agent still unsigned at the moment, but due to his seasoned status and prior legal record, most team are hesitant to sign him. However, it hasn’t stopped Plaxico Burress from carrying out a self-initiative deal approach throughout the off-season. Starting from March, Plaxico Burress’s interest has crept from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, New York Giants and lastly the Carolina Panthers, only be subtly rejected by each team.
The Carolina Panthers were the latest addition in this ploy for ending up with a team before the regular season. Plaxico Burress expressed his burning desire to sign with the Carolina Panthers during a radio interview on Thursday.  Plaxico Burress stated there was "no doubt about it," that he hoped to sign with the Carolina Panthers as it would bring the Carolina native to his roots and closer to family.
However Plaxico Burress maintained that these were added perks to his main target, “playing with Cam (Newton), who I think is one of the top five quarterbacks in all of football.” Plaxico Burress felt that “from a mental standpoint,” the Carolina Panthers would be a “great fit” for him. Even though he hadn’t been in contact with the Carolina Panthers, Plaxico Burress said that he exchanged words with the franchise’s starting quarterback Cam Newton.
"I've talked to Cam Newton several times," said Plaxico Burress said. "I really like him as a quarterback."
“I just want to put myself in a position to go out and have success and to make the guys around me better,” stated Plaxico Burress in an earlier interview, regarding his interest in the Carolina Panthers. “And obviously play with a quarterback who can really play the position,” said Plaxico Burress.
Although Plaxico Burress led the New York Jets with eight touchdowns and 45 receptions for 612 yards after being handed a one-year $3 million contract following release from the jail, still other teams hesitate to sign him as they consider last year’s contract has unfairly raised the receiver’s expectations.  However, Plaxico Burress has proven that he is working on his from after a two year sentence for firing a gun in a New York nightclub.
"I'm a lot stronger than what I was last year, obviously," stated Plaxico Burress. "And I think a lot of people will be surprised at the kind of shape that I’m in. I'm ready to go and compete back at the level that I know I can play at."
Additionally, the Carolina Panther do not require a wideout since they are packed with reliable third-year receivers Brandon LaFell and David Gettis. Furthermore, Carolina Panthers’ starting receiver Steve Smith, who obtained his fifth Pro Bowl berth the previous season, has a working chemistry with Cam Newton.
So, Plaxico Burres might have to find a new prospective team yet again.
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