Player Statement Regarding Bounty Program Thickens Plot

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Ever since the story about the Saints bounty system broke out, the NFL has been taken by storm. A Peter King’s report in Sports Illustrated has taken things to a whole new level. We now have established proof of players who have been caught on tape basking in the glory of their bounty system. According to Peter King, the NFL was able to catch an audio tape of the Saints players talking about injury other players and the money that they were going to be receiving. This is extremely disturbing news and has now put the New Orleans Saints in a very delicate situation.

“On the New Orleans sideline, (Anthony) Hargrove excitedly slapped hands with teammates, saying, "Favre is out of the game! Favre is done! Favre is done!" An on-field microphone directed toward the sideline caught an unidentified defender saying, "Pay me my money!"”

One cannot deny the fact that the Saints were overly aggressive during that match and if you watch the match again, you will notice how many fouls were committed on the opposition especially Brett Favre.  Anthony Hargrove and Bobby McCray were both fined a combined total of $25,000. Favre severely sprained his ankle and was unable to continue on his feet.

Saints have been desperately trying to control the damage that has been rendered. GM Mickey Loomis and Coach Sean Payton finally released an official statement via CBS Sports.

“We acknowledge that the violations disclosed by the NFL during their investigation of our club happened under our watch. We take full responsibility. This has brought undue hardship on Mr Benson, who had nothing to do with this activity. He has been nothing but supportive and for that we both apologize to him. These are serious violations and we understand the negative impact it has had on our game. Both of us have made it clear within our organization that this will never happen again, and make that same promise to the NFL and most importantly to all of our fans.”

The investigation has started to peel off the outer layers of this problem and soon we will get to know the root cause of this major fiasco. NFL on the other hand has some major thinking to do here. You can’t go on preaching about player safety when teams within the organisation are secretly paying off players to inflict maximum pain and injury to the opponent. The killer blow here is the fact that the anonymous player was heard saying “show me my money” which is ardent enough proof that the bounty program was in full effect. What remains to be seen is what the NFL are going to do about this and how much of an impact will this have on the game, the Franchise and the organisation is general.

We are surely going to see widespread fines being dished out in the next couple of weeks and I wouldn’t be too surprised if we see some bans as well. The next few weeks are surely going to be interesting.
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