Players Who Won’t Be in 2012

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The offseason will bring about many changes in the teams, especially to those who could not make it to the play offs. Probably there would be many top level stars available for many different reasons. One such reason is their inflated salaries, someone like Philadelphia's Asante Samuel will cost the Eagles too much money to retain. His bloated salary and high-priced teammates make him expendable.

Here are few other players who won’t return in the next season.

Keith Brookings: Dallas Cowboys

Keith Brooking is 36 years old and on the last leg of his career. He has not been regular this season as Sean Lee emerged as the starter. Brooking's career is filled with a ton of highlights, but the NFL is about what have you done for me lately. The veteran linebacker will have a hard time catching on with another team and is more likely to retire. Brooking doesn't contribute on special teams, which is another reason his future is cloudy.

Asante Samuel: Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have a lot of money tied up in the cornerback position. They have more than $20 million a year tied up with just Asante Samuel and NnamdiAsomugha. Keeping both the players will lead to total bankruptcy.  Samuel and his $8.4 million salary will be on the trading block. The Eagles will likely get a mid-round draft pick in return for the veteran cornerback. Trading him would allow the Eagles to move Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie into the starting lineup.

DeAngelo Hall: Washington Redskins

His confidence and his flashes of brilliance make some people think that he is a very top notch player. He also gets a lot of love because of his high interception total, but thats not the end. Hall’s career as a player has been on the decline in for the past few years, He prefers to take risks rather than hold up in coverage. Hall's $6 million makes him a candidate for an offseason release. The Washington Redskins might look to cut their losses and add a more consistent performer.

Levi Brown: Arizona Cardinals

There is general opinion around that Brown would be better suited in the right not on the left because there he is under less pressure to protect the Quarter back. But the issue is that he is to played $8 Million which is a very high price tag for a player of his standards. Brown could be retained if he is willing to renegotiate over his contract, which is not a likely situation. The more likely scenario is Brown getting released. This would allow him to seek out a better situation and a more manageable salary for the team.

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