Poinsettia Bowl 2008: Boise State Broncos Vs TCU Horned Frogs College Football Live Thread

Boise State Got Hosed On Their Bowl Game, So Now It's Time To Take On TCU [Poinsettia Bowl Live Thread]

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The Boise State Broncos finished the 2008 season undefeated at 12-0. Last time they did that, they went to the Fiesta Bowl and shocked the world by beating Oklahoma. This time, they're stuck in the Poinsettia Bowl on December 23, and facing another mid-major. This is the problem with being in a non-BCS conference, when a vast majority of bowl games have commitments to the major conferences.

BSU will face the Horned Frogs of TCU. They were another mid-major who had an excellent year. Their only losses were to Oklahoma and Utah, both of whom will be playing in BCS bowls in January. They are another team who should probably be in a later and more prestigious bowl game.

This might end up being one of the better pre-Christmas bowl games in a while, since both teams are excellent teams, and probably deserve a better bowl.

80$ of FanIQ picked Boise State to win, but this should be a very competitive game. If you're watching it at 8 pm EST on ESPN, this is the place to talk about it. Chat it up, college football fans, and as always, enjoy the game!
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 lol @ BSU

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Outside of the first 7 or 8 mintues when Boise St. went up 10-0, TCU kicked ths crap out of Boise St.  You could tell that after the adreline died down, and the game got into a flow that Boise's offense struggled against TCU's defense by going 3-11 on 3rd downs.  Also, Boise St.'s offense averaged 458 of total offense including 162 of rushing offense.  Tonight, Boise St rushed for a total of 28 yards, and had was held to a  total of 168 total offensive yards after they went up 10-0 (250 total yards for the entire game).  Whereas, TCU rushed for 275 yards, and passed for 197 yards for a total of 472 yards on one of the best defense's in the country. Personally, I believe  Boise's 12-0 is a bit misconcieving because of their competition in the WAC (I am sorry, but 3 teams in the last 3 years have gone undeafted in WAC, isn't anyone seeing a RED FLAG).  Yes, they beat Orgeon on the road, but the game was an offensive shootout, and their offense was never truly tested until they had to play the best defense in the country in TCU. Therefore, could it be possible that Boise St.'s Top ranked offense and defense stats were a bit "inflated" due to the level of competition.
Someone is probably thinking, well Utah is undefeated in a Non-BCS Conference, but they played in the Mountain West, which had better competiton such as TCU, BYU, Air Force, and Colorado St. who just beat The WAC's Frenso St.  Also, The Mountain West Team's scheduled multiple teams from BCS School's TCU - Stanford and at Oklahoma BYU - at Washington and UCLA (Yes, not the best PAC 10 Teams, but schedule is made a few years in advance Utah (at Michigan and Oregon St. 

My point is that I do not feel bad at all that Boise St. was left out of the BCS because IMO they do not belong their because if you know that your conference is not that great, then schedule more than one out of conference games against BCS Schools not Bowling Green, Idaho St., and Southern Miss.  At least try to get teams in BCS Schools that are towards the bottom of the conference, and show that you are at least able to beat multiple teams from a BCS Conference (or Navy who goes to a Bowl Game on a Regular Basis, and is a quality out of conference team) while going undeafted in your conference, then you deserve to have a case to go to a BCS Game.  For example, the last few years Wake Forest has played the following teams out of conference 2008 (Baylor, Navy, Ole Miss, and Vandy)  2007 (Nebraska, Navy, Army, Vandy)  2006 (Syracuse, Ole Miss, UConn). 

12/23/08   |   brianmc0331   |   10 respect

Hats off to TCU great  well deserved win. BSU will be back with another undefeated regular season next year, and with a top 25 ranking next year to star the season look for them to be in a BCS game. They are stacked with Freshman starters think what they will do with a season under their belt.

12/23/08   |   coolkraft2003   |   6 respect

TCU rocks!!!!!!!!

12/23/08   |   sharapovasthigh

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America's finally seeing how good TCU's D is, particularly at stopping the run. This is a great game.

12/23/08   |   Redwingswin

This Disappoint me, their playing on the Blue field, that place is sweet.

12/23/08   |   coolkraft2003   |   6 respect

one of the better games