Politics, Religion & Manning vs Brady; Things we shouldn't discuss in public

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PLAYOFFS?! "PLAYOFFS?! Who said anything about playoffs?!"

Peyton Manning is the GOAT. (Greatest Of All Time) Ok, maybe I'm biased. I'm a humbled New York Jets fan and no, I'm not even going to try to defend Gang Green or our most recent season at this point. How could I? That's a story for another day. The fact that I loathe the New England Patriots and Tom Brady's face may or may not be directly related to me being a Jets fan. (Or it could be because of the fact that he wears Uggs and attempts to make the "hair flip" trendy for men-I'm not entirely sure.) But I still won't call him "The GOAT." No way. Nope. I won't do it. You can't make me. #sorrynotsorry

Brady may have three rings, five Super Bowl appearances and Hall-Of-Famer stats. Great. Grand. Wonderful. Manning might be 10-11 in the postseason. He might've had a little "postseason anxiety" during his 13 playoff appearances out of 15 years playing in the NFL. But Tommy boy will never be able to touch Peyton's regular-season stats. PMann holds just about every passing record in the book. He is undeniably the best Quarterback in the league when it comes to September-December. With the Broncos in playoff position as they stand now, and with more tools on the offensive side of the ball than the Pats, Peyton has a very good chance at playing catch up in the league race for "most likely to wear bling after Christmas."

New England fans will fight this issue 'till death. They will gnash their teeth and scream and shout and stomp their feet like spoiled children who didn't get a hug from an emotionless Bill Belichick. I can't even WAIT for the flood of angry text messages that this article generates for me. Ha! The proof is on turf. The eldest Manning is the best at his craft. Go watch film on him. Watch him make throwing the rock look easy. He's as graceful as a ballerina in Swan Lake-or Black Swan-whatever you're into. 

So the Manning vs Brady drama continues to unfold and football fans love it. The same way people passionately discuss democrats, republicans and their faith-or lack of-they argue who's QB is the best of the best. We're not "supposed" to do it, but we still do, and we love every minute of it. Freedom of Speech, right? (Again, what do I know-I'm just a Jets fan.) 😜

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