Ponder-Peterson combination could save the Vikings from more defeats

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The Minnesota Vikings recorded their second win of the season after defeating the Carolina Panthers 24-21 last Sunday. Despite the victory, Vikings woeful form is expected to continue. Vikings have succumbed to 6 defeats till Week 8 and although Week 9 is their bye, they are expected to lose on November 14 yet again, this time at the hands of Green Bay Packers.

Quarterback Christian Ponder has been a successful replacement for Donovan McNabb, however Ponder is being assisted by few people on field. Running back Adrian Peterson is one of those few. Peterson’s performances have been one of the main highlights for Vikings campaign this season. It was Ponder and Peterson who were once again the stars of the night as they helped Vikings through a close win.

Ponder completed 18 of his 28 passes, passed for 236 yards and assisted in a touchdown. Meanwhile, Peterson rushed for 86 yards and completed a touchdown. Peterson was also the top receiver as he posted 76 yards with an average of 15.2.

Vikings head coach, Leslie Frazier admits Vikings are producing better stats whilst being led by Ponder. Frazier expressed that the whole atmosphere of the pitch had changed since Ponder was given the reins. Frazier said, “Our guys have been battling all along and just haven’t been able to come up with certain plays in the second half of ball games to get us over the top. We are doing some things in the second half on third downs that we weren’t doing before. We are staying on the field now. To put together a 13 play, seven-minute drive, that I think ended in a touchdown, and we had another one that ended in a field goal, that’s big, that’s championship football.”

Frazier added, “That’s what you have to be able to do, especially when the defense is getting three-and-outs like they were during that sequence yesterday, and you put together long drives, it just energizes your entire team. That had been lacking a little bit and now you are seeing it and guys are beginning to believe even more.”

Frazier also commented on Peterson’s role in the match. Analysts noticed that Frazier wants Vikings to take advantage of the impressive chemistry Ponder and Peterson have. As result of this, Ponder was passing the ball to Peterson any chance he got. Frazier concluded that he was going to use the Ponder-Peterson combination in the following weeks too.

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