Poor attendance as Yankees drop Home Opener to Red Sox

Yankees empty Yankee Stadium by playing Opening Day game

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Blog Photo - Poor attendance as Yankees drop Home Opener to Red SoxThe Opening Day game scene at left is not the kind of Opening Day scene the Steinbrenner family had anticipated when they opened the new $1.5 billion Yankee Stadium in 2009. But that image is not an April Fool's joke -- that image accurately depicts the profound emptiness of the 50,000-seat Yankee Stadium at one point in today's New York Yankees loss to the Boston Red Sox. Suffice to say the game did not sell out.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This post should not be confused for actual sports journalism. This post is a simple Schadenfreude gloat piece intended to indulge Yankee haters and perhaps draw angry rebukes (pageviews) from New York Yankees fans who post in the Comments section. I am merely hating for the sake of hating, armed with disparate pieces of data whose conclusion is purely emotional.

All that said, FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal tweeted a picture of an empty Yankee Stadium during the ninth inning of today's 8-2 loss to the Red Sox. The image makes a fine metaphor the Yankees' current attendance problems. Granted -- the Yankees were losing the game by six runs, it was the bottom of the ninth, and it was raining. But even Cleveland fans would be taken aback by the number of empty seats.

Blog Photo - Poor attendance as Yankees drop Home Opener to Red SoxHey, at least Alex Rodriguez was in attendance!

The announced attendance for the game was listed at just above 45,000 when the game concluded, but upgraded to 49,514 about an hour after the game. (Go nuts, conspiracy theorists!) That "upgrade" might give the Yankees organization enough cover to claim they had a sellout. But Yankee Stadium has a baseball capacity of 50,291 seats, and there is no way you're telling me that a crowd of 50,000+ dwindled down to this size with the game still in progress.

To be fair, Yankees Opening Day tickets are insanely expensive. The New York Times estimated this weekend that Yankees Opening Day tickets were still going for an average of $191.23 on the online ticket resale sites.

Those inflated prices won't solve the Yankees' ticket revenue blues for long. Next Friday's Yankees-Orioles tickets are going for as low as $13.
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