Pop Reacts to Hefty Fine

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Blog Photo - Pop Reacts to Hefty Fine
For the first time since receiving a $250,000 fine, Coach Gregg Popovich has spoken about the severe indictment that the San Antonio Spurs received from Commissioner Stern. 
Before Saturday night’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies, Pop said, “What I do from my perspective is from a coaching perspective. And I think the league operates from a business perspective. And I think that's reflective in the action that they took."   
When Pop was asked if he would ever sit his stars again in the future, Pop replied, “I don’t have a crystal ball.” 
Owner Peter Holt, however, does.  The fine that the Spurs received may not seem like much for a NBA team, but for a small franchise, it does hit them a bit harder than a larger franchise.  The next time Pop is thinking about resting his players, he better stay clear of Peter Holt’s crystal ball because in it, it says, “I’m not made of money.”
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I like "Pop"

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Stern sucks