Postseason semifinals bowl event being planned-out

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The idea of another national postseason semifinals rotation is being developed by Conference commissioners who are eager to make the new plan work alongside college football playoffs.
University presidents called their votes on the action in June so as to host national semifinals in rotation at six bowl sites. When the games are not hosted at the sites, other high-profile games featuring top ranked teams, who couldn’t make it will take place at the venue.
However, the plan will not be implemented until 2014, and a selection committee also needs to be determined to decide the site, revenue allocation and schedule for teams to face-off against each other. This basically suggests that teams who fail to make it to the playoffs will be zble to compete in high stakes games.
 "They created a playoff and they had a working concept for access, but they knew that more conversations were needed," stated BCS executive director Bill Hancock after on-going meetings. "There was discussion about access and whether another game might be necessary.”
“There was. ... But how it comes out, we don't know,” added Bill Hancock.
Another key issue remains what the game program will be called. Bill Hancock revealed that a committee is currently deliberating over that issue. Suggestions have come forth towards determining the program through a naming contest or deciding it within closed doors.
"The first championship game is 28 months away,” stated Bill Hancock. “And so the highest priorities are going to have to go to the television contract and site selection."
Bill Hancock hinted that the conference commissioners would prefer to settle on the media rights deal by this fall. ESPN has been granted a months’ negotiating window starting 1st October to relay its interest in the process.
“And we'd like to be pretty far down the road on site selection this fall,” idealized Bill Hancock. “Although I don't think we'll be finished on site selection, possibly not until April."
Although city officials have still not been informed about the conference’s desire in maintaining game hosting sites in the region, since the request for proposal will not be passed along until November, still they are receiving interest in cities. Bill Hancock believed the six sites will be determined according to a similar procedure such as the NCAA's Final Four.
Two of the sites have already been checked on the list. The Rose Bowl, which hosts the Big Ten and Pac-12 is included along with eth Orange Bowl, which recently settled on agreement with the Atlantic Coast Conference.
Site for the new semifinal bowl rotation between Big 12 and Southeastern Conference are torn between Houston, Ne w Orleans, Arlington, Atlanta and Texas.
Meanwhile, the format of the selection committee will comprise of roughly 15-20 members, who will be distributed along administrative ranks, but it can also include of at-large members. Another cautionary note demands that the committee accommodate enough individuals so that if someone is to be disqualified, it will not compromise the remainders’ decision-making.
Revenue allocation across academic and on-field performance platforms is also a key action of the committee.
"And that decision ultimately will be made by the presidents who have their annual meeting in November," relayed Bill Hancock.
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