Potential buyers for the LA Dodgers

Hollywood-ready list of potential Dodgers Buyers

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Frank McCort has agreed to sell the Dodgers, after almost a year of bankruptcy controversy. McCort has agreed to auction off the team for a price that many speculate can be around $1 billion.


With the auction looming, Dodgers fan may get their wish of a new owner by opening day 2012. So who will the new owner be? Speculation has been booming since word of the bankruptcy hit the news and many potential suitors have risen. The result is a list of potential owners that are definitely Hollywood ready.


Dennis Gilbert

Gilbert was the favorite to buy the Rangers back in 2009. He failed to win the auction, but his name has come up in many Dodgers discussions. Can the former agent be the next Dodgers owner?


Tom and Alec Gores

The brothers who made their billions in leveraged buyouts have been rumored to buy the Dodgers. Alec Gores is the CEO of Gores Technology Group in Los Angeles, a company that owns a 75% stake of radio network Westwood One. Tom Gores recently purchased the Detroit Pistons.


Mark Cuban

Cuban is one of the most exciting owners in sports. If he buys the Dodgers you can expect ticket prices to soar, but a winning team on the field. Cuban is loved by his players and fans, and would be an awesome owner for any team.  


Mark Attanasio

In September 2004 he bought the Brewers from Bud Selig’s family for $200 million. That deal for the Brewers will seem like pocket change in comparison to the money it would take to purchase the Dodgers.


Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar is a former boxing champ who has said on camera that he would be interested in buying the Dodgers. His recent stint in rehab may affect his chances of winning the team, however.


Petr O’Malley

Many fans are begging for Petr O’Malley to buy the Dodgers and re-establish the team. O’Malley is the former president of the Dodgers, and the son of long-time Dodger owner Walter Francis O’Malley.


Tom Werner

He purchased the Padres in 1990 and sold his majority share in 1994. He is the co-founder of Fenway Sports Group, who purchased the Red Sox in February 2002 and Fenway Park. He also holds an 80% share in the New England Sports Network, and purchased the Premier League team Liverpool F.C. The Red Sox won two World Series after being purchased by Werner.

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ML31 wrote:
I would agree but I really enjoy beating LA.

Can't tell if your use of "beating" for this rivalry was intentional.

Must. Resist. Urge. For. Tasteless. Joke.

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I would agree but I really enjoy beating LA.

11/2/11   |   villaroma83

Yawn...just contract that loser team

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