Practice? We Talkin' 'Bout Movies! Ken Whisenhunt Cancelled Practice, Took Cardinals to Bourne Ultimatum

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Eric Mangini chooses to play Mozart at his Jets Training Camp. Ken Whisenhunt takes his team to the movies. To each their own. I do love my classical music (I do, yes, I'm a dork) but I'll take door #2 Bob.
The movie outing was Whisenhunt's way of rewarding his players for their hard work and to foster a little bit of camaraderie. It's something Whisenhunt learned in Pittsburgh when he worked for Bill Cowher.

"Any time these guys are spending time together, outside of just on the football field, I think it builds that chemistry," he said. "When you do something like this, you got offensive guys, defensive guys, special-teams guys all sitting inter-mixed in auditoriums. To me, that's important."

Players had their choice of three movies: The Bourne Ultimatum, Transformers and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.
Hmm, what are the odds Matt Leinart chose Chuck and Larry. Strong to quite strong.

The best quote from this article game from guard Deuce Lutui, who must not watch a lot of television.
Guard Deuce Lutui saw the Bourne movie, although he joked that his teammates told him it was going to be about food, for some reason.

"They tricked me," he said.

A different sort of film session (AZ Central)

Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt Cancelled Practice, Took Team to Bourne Ultimatum (Fanhouse)

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8/10/07   |   Mannywoodland

Good choice of film by the players.  I saw it the other day and it is pretty darn good considering it is the third in the series.

8/9/07   |   Wicked Jumpshot

Wisenhunt must have learned this from his predecesor Dennis Green.  Supposedly, Green did the same thing, but took his team to see Ice Age: The Meltdown.  Apparently he was a big believer in foreshadowing.