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I don't like the term "ugly win".  It makes no sense to me.  It doesn't matter how they get there.  All my wins are every bit as attractive as a Victoria's Secret model or a Hooter's Girl.  That's just the way it is.

I don't care that it took OT for N. Illinois to final dispatch Bowling Green last night.  The important this is that they did.  I don't care that there were only 40.7 seconds left in the Jazz game before the number went over the total.  It just matters that it did, and I cashed in.  That's the reason for all the work.  The wins are the thing, and they are all beautiful.

So, a nice 2fer last night has us in great shape heading into the midweek.  The only problem with that, and it's not really a problem at all, is that there's just nothing on tonight's schedule that's jumping out at me.  No BUTTA tonight in either The Association or college hoops will have me sitting on my hands and just watching the world go by.  But here's what the numbers look like for each game:

THE NBA  (3-4 ATS/5-2 SU/3-4 TOTALS last night and 8-8/12-4/9-7 so far for the week)

Celtics (+11 1/2, O193 1/2)   95 Kings (+2 1/2, U212) 106
Spurs   94 Blazers 102
BULLS (+5, O190 1/2) 104 GRIZZLIES (-3, O198 1/2) 112
Bucks (+14 1/2, O215 1/2) 105 Rockets (+4, O217) 117
Mavs 106    
WARRIORS (-5, O209)           117    

---The numbers don't bear it out, but I have a strong gut feeling that the Pacers race right on by the Celts tonight and win big.
---Bad matchup tonight for the Thunder?  They're off that shocking loss to the Lakers on Sunday, but the Rocks are a bad opponent for them in that situation.  Houston just doesn't care.  They're going to do what they do.  The Rocks play with reckless abandon and just let the chips fall where they may.

COLLEGE HOOPS  (5-1 ATS/3-2 SU/4-2 TOTALS last night and 8-5/7-5/8-5 so far for the week)
C-USA begins their tournament tonight, and it's a bit of a different situation from what we've seen in either the WCC or MAC so far.  This tourney will be played in El Paso on the home floor of one of the conference's teams (UTEP), so every team except the Miners will be on a neutral.  Very interesting to watch how this plays out because UTEP is one of the better teams in C-USA.
Rice 52 Marshall 62
N. Texas (-6, U132)              72 Fla.-Atlantic (+1 1/2, U135 1/2) 62
Utsa (+6, U143) 59 Byu 57
E. Carolina 63 Gonzaga (-4, U147 1/2) 72

---The best play on the board tonight looks like N. Texas, but that's just me, and I don't trust them with that many points regardless of how bad Rice is.
---What we're going to see as we move through tournament week now is teams having to play on back to back nights.  Unless they've played pre-season tournaments back in November, most of these squads aren't used to that.  And when it comes to the WCC title game tonight, we've got both teams on the b2b, but BYU had to do OT in the "late game" last night.  Gonzaga on to the conference championship?  Probably.

Okay, so that's it.  Not too bad either.  Not exactly a get in, get done and get out deal, but it is what it is.  Have a great night.  I'll talk to you tomorrow.
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