Prizefight challenger Robert Guerrero arrested on gun charges

Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s next opponent has been busted on felony gun charges

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Blog Photo - Prizefight challenger Robert Guerrero arrested on gun chargesAnother day, another felony charge for a No. 1-ranked WBC Welterweight boxing champion. This time, it's not Floyd Mayweather Jr. -- it's Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s next opponent. Robert Guerrero, the current interim WBC Welterweight champion who's fighting Mayweather on May 4, was arrested this morning at New York's JFK airport for criminal possession of a firearm.

Boxing fans worldwide are wondering whether this will affect the scheduling of Mayweather-Guerrero on May 4 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Because that's what boxing fans wonder, instead of things like, "Is this young man troubled and does he need help?"

Res assured, boxing fans -- Mayweather-Guerrero on May 4 is still on, despite the fact that Robert Guerrero was arrested on gun charges Thursday morning. Guerrero attempted to board a New York-to-Las Vegas flight with an unloaded gun and three unloaded ammunition magazines. The fight is still on, according to its promoter.

"Robert will have to show up in court in New York and have to explain himself, but there are no implications on the fight," the fight's promoter Richard Schaefer told ESPN.

Blog Photo - Prizefight challenger Robert Guerrero arrested on gun chargesRobert "The Ghost" Guerrero was arrested at JFK airport Thursday morning at 6:46 a.m. ET for attempting to board a flight to Las Vegas with an unloaded Smith & Wesson M&P .40-caliber handgun and three unloaded magazines for ammunition.

Again, the man was going to take these onto an airplane. In New York, this is a felony even if the weapons are unloaded. New York doesn't screw around when it comes to taking weapons onto airplanes.

But I bet you someone might have just scored himself an endorsement deal with the National Rifle Association!

Guerrero is also an outspoken Christian, and had just taped an appearance on Pat Robertson's "The 700 Club". Hey, plenty of good Christians are also gun enthusiasts. But I'm not sure how many of them get arrested for trying to smuggle guns into Las Vegas.

Guerrero's camp tells ESPN that Guerrero's firearm is licensed in California. It's just... you need a separate license in New York. And they don't want you taking them on airplanes.

Guerrero remains a heavy underdog for the May 4 fight, perhaps even more so now.
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9/9/13   |   moedim544

Everything about Mayweather makes him better. His speed, his agility, his defense. He is a complete boxer, more complete than Canelo Alvarez. The Canelo vs Mayweather fight will at least provide more entertainment than Mayweather-Guerrero. There are many people who will watch Mayweather vs Alvarez online from a computer because the quality of the stream will be great. Canelo will be fighting for his career and for the number one sport. Watch Mayweather vs Canelo online to experience the fight live.


9/9/13   |   moedim544

So many great fights in September, October, November and December. Can't wait to watch the Mayweather vs Alvarez live stream on fight night! Mayweather vs Canelo is getting the kind of attention fights used to get in the 80's! Fans can watch Mayweather vs Canelo online on Saturday, can't wait!


7/29/13   |   business0521

I am dying to see the Mayweather Alvarez Fight Online  Like you have no idea, may be the best boxing match of all time.

7/29/13   |   business0521

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It's crazy how many people are going to watch the boxing match between Mayweather and Alvarez. I personally can't wait for it.

5/4/13   |   jcado1

There are so many people waiting to see the Mayweather vs Guerrero live stream right now it's cray. Floyd first fight in a year vs the Ghost. Incredible!

5/3/13   |   jcado1

Robert Guerrero is certainly living up to his part of the hype for this fight. He seems ready to go on All Access and when I saw the Mayweather Guerrero live stream workout of Guerrero, he looked to be confident. I'm going to watch Mayweather vs Guerrero on May 4th because I'm a boxing fan, and this is the biggest fight of the year.

4/30/13   |   adamnozum

In the Mayweather vs Guerrero Match, HBO Sports will not be the network that will host the PPV event. Showtime will be showing the PPV event. Floyd Mayweather left HBO and signed a six-fight deal with CBS and Showtime and this is a huge change in the boxing industry. Mayweather has fought his entire career on HBO. It’ll be the first time that Floyd will be fighting on Showtime.

Mayweather vs Guerrero Live Stream

4/25/13   |   daveonethomas

Funny how all these celebrity boxers get mixed up, I guess it is true, more money more problems! In my case nothing to worry about though, still looking for a Mayweather vs Guerrero stream cause I don't even have PPV to order the fight unfortunately :(

4/24/13   |   crosbyjersey

This is one of the most anticipated fights of the year and many will watch Mayweather vs Guerrero online on the night of the fight. I know that not everyone has Pay Per view and online viewing provides incredible convenience.

4/12/13   |   urontoghuri46

Floyd Mayweather’s following fight will probably once again be around in theaters, because his / her May well four meeting with Robert Guerrero  is so visible countrywide through Gold Child’s cope with Fathom Functions.

4/12/13   |   urontoghuri46  Floyd Mayweather Jr. expands away folks hating him. He / she knows folks need to notice him drop horribly. And also here in his career, he knows folks don’t health care whom he will lose to. And ofcourse; simply so long as he will lose. 

3/31/13   |   crosbyjersey

With Guerrero getting gun charges and Mayweather signing up with Showtime, there are so many headlines to the Mayweather vs Guerrero fight. It should be a great battle. I was looking into where I could stream this fight and I found They have so many articles and videos related to the May 4th meeting it's crazy.