Professional Bull Riders- OR- Professional Brazilian Riders?

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Well, it's been a long while since I've been here. Lots going on right now. But I won't bore you with the details.  Suffice to say that I've been busier than a three-legged cat covering dookey. lol

So...the PBR. I started thinking...which for me is dangerous...and I realized that one thing that has always bugged me about them is that there  were areas of the sport that were 'professional' and areas that were so lacking in professionalism that it wasn't funny.

I was glad to see the changes to the web-site. The comments from fans link is now easily accessible. When I posted a negative (but true) comment on the sorry state of affairs abounding from the PBR,  some years ago, my comment was removed..and the page I posted on was moved or rather hidden.  That said so much about them then. If the Professional Bull Riders can't take criticism then they can't and don't want to fix what is wrong, what the fans see as wrong. Like an Ostrich hiding it's head in the sand.

I have yet to post anything there, despite their improvements to the site. But I've read what other fans have said. What one must remember is that the PBR dances to it's own tune when it comes to rider profiles and bull profiles and information. Some fans have become inundated with anything "J.B. Mauney".    Folks, it isn't his fault that he gets a lot of attention from the PBR. Throughout it's history, the PBR has always focused on a handful of riders. Doesn't matter that every rider has fans and family. Doesn't matter that people eventually get sick of seeing the same riders being profiled. That's just one more aspect of the PBR that isn't fair.

I'm finally glad to see that Ty is getting a handle on his monologues. But even if his comments are brief (thank the good Lord) he still sounds as if he's a zombie. No excitement, no change in tone. I'm not saying that he should jump up and down and yell, but a bit more enthusiasm would be nice. I am glad to see that Leah has more freedom to ask questions that make sense and aren't repetitive. I love when Shorty and the other Bullfighters cheer and offer encouragement to the riders. All the riders. I see sportscasters of various sports on other network stations and think...boy the PBR needs to watch them, listen to them, see how it's REALLY done, and do the same in their handling and broadcasting an event. Kudos to Craig Hummer. Now that's professionalism. Many of you may not know about Woody Durham, the 'voice' of the Carolina Tar Heels, but there is one great guy. If you watch Carolina Basketball, you HAVE to have a 'turn the sound down' party. Mute the T.V.  and tune Woody in on the radio. Okay...that reminds me....Dick Vitale, Vital? I have to say that he is the only person that I can't stand to hear. Even Ty isn't THAT annoying.

Now, finally I get to the 'meat' of the topic. Brazilian riders. I have nothing against them, at all. They are fantastic riders and deserve to be rewarded for their abilities but I can't help but remember the past World Cup held in Brazil. None of the Brazilian fans so much as cheered or clapped when the other competitors rode. Not for Mexico, Australia, Canada, United States.

Perhaps they felt that to acknowledge the other countries would be a betrayal of their loyalties to their fellow countrymen. In reality it is the performance of the individual rider and bull that should be appreciated, and applauded. Because that is really what it is about. Not countries, but a group of men competing in a sport that is dangerous and difficult. To acknowledge the single accomplishments of the individual shows that you salute his fortitude, strength and abilities.

I am happy to see the Brazilians doing so well. Yes, truthfully, I would rather it be the Americans, but that doesn't mean I don't respect the other countries representatives. When one sees a warrior cry because he did not win the Finals or the Title, it is a humbling experience and your heart goes out to him, no matter where he's from.

I have certainly never been on a bull, but having been raised on a farm I've had my fair share of bucking horses. Let me tell you, you feel like your head is going to be snapped off at the neck. You hurt in places you never knew you had. I cannot imagine the punishment the PBR riders take. I've had horses kick, bite, attack, and even fall on me. Having said that, let me say that I've  had broken ribs and there was no way in hell I could ride much less move around. Ty was correct in what he said. You cannot do anything at all without severe pain. Ben Jones has my unbridled respect and awe.

Some things still bug me about the PBR. I'm sick to death of the controversy of 'was a rider fouled?' coming out of the chute , should he get a re-ride if the bulls performance isn't up to par? The standard for one isn't the standard for the next or the next. Guys, please figure out a way to have a set standard for this. The way it is now, it isn't fair to ANY rider. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if some of the other bull riding competitions could offer the same amount of money,  and prestige, if some of the riders wouldn't abandon ship and leave the PBR.  Just sayin'.

Now I'm not accusing anyone, so you riders don't get your chaps in a twist. However it is something that crossed my mind.
One more thing to ponder- Riders challenging the other riders if they see a slap or what looked like one. That has two arguments. One, if it is your livelihood, should you do it? Or would that be against the cowboy way? Tough thing to think about.

One final thing before I close my blog, which is now not a blog but almost a novel, lol.  The Resistol Relief Fund. Folks, listen, or should I say pay attention? There is a site called  You can go to this site, enter the name of the charity you'd like to support and search the web or shop at select merchants to benefit your charity. If your charity isn't listed, and believe me it ought to be, you can use the site to verify your charity and they will add it.

But....back to the point...years ago I requested and was granted the Resistol Relief Fund be added. I posted this information on the PBR site and I encouraged them to make it known to fans that even if they couldn't send cash, they could search and shop and raise money for the riders and their families. Have you seen this information on the PBR?  Nooooooo.  Why? Strikes me that they are saying they don't give a dookey about raising money for the riders. Is that true? I don't know, but with all the fans the PBR boasts, by advertising or linking to, they could bring in much -needed money for injured riders and families.

No sport is perfect, don't get me wrong, and it seems I pick on the PBR a lot. But without fan input and observations, any sport would suffer.  At least fans can now post comments, even if the PBR isn't listening.

Oh, yeah, guys....if you throw your helmet, it might crack a bit. If you throw your helmet it might crack some more until finally it just breaks apart when you most need it. Temper tantrums...riders, pleaseeeeeee. I'm glad to see ya'll don't have a plug of snuff or some such stuff in your mouth. None of anyone's business, of course. But not on T.V. Thank you for stopping that.

So in saying all that...I say this: Long Live Cowboys!
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