Pronger Out For The Season

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The Philadelphia Flyers have been dealt with a devastating blow to their Stanley cup hopes after it was announced a few hours ago that Chris Pronger is out for the rest of the campaign with severe post-concussion syndromes. Only recently I wrote about the loss of Claude Giroux, their leading goal scorer this term and now this.

"After consultation with respected concussion specialists Dr. Joseph Maroon and Dr. Micky Collins, it is the opinion of both doctors that Chris is suffering from severe post-concussion syndrome," Holmgren said. "It is the recommendation of Doctors Maroon and Collins that Chris not return for the remainder of the 2011-12 season or playoffs. Chris will continue to receive treatment and therapy with the hope that he can get better."

The loss of their star defenseman will be a huge loss for the Flyers who are top of the Eastern Conference tied at points with the Bruins and have a genuine chance at winning the Stanley Cup this season. It is premature to say at this stage that their title hopes have ended; no they haven’t but it is nevertheless a big loss for the Flyers. I am sure they must be working on a replacement but whoever comes in will have a hard time filling in the role of Pronger. Being the captain of this great side, his immense importance to the Flyers can never be stressed enough.

"It's hard to replace a guy like that," Laviolette said. "He plays 26, 27 minutes and there's no one individual in the organization that we can find somewhere and replace him."

"You can't replace the kind of guy he is," said Andrej Meszaros, who was among the many Flyers players who learned the news about Pronger from reporters after the game. "I hope he's going to be healthy as soon as possible and we'll have to find a way to win games without him. We've done a pretty good job so far but that's a tough break."

As Pronger, Primeau also suffered a similar fate at the hands of concussions. Both these players have taken the Flyers deep into playoffs and it would be heart-breaking to see such a good player and captain set out on his road to an early retirement. I hope that this is not his last game for the Flyers because he still has a lot to offer to both the Flyers and hockey in general.

People are going to ask me why I complain so much. Day in day out I am complaining over the health of these players and the fact that they are not getting enough protection from the league. Only yesterday I wrote a piece on the number of star players that are out of the NHL and I was right, it is pouring concussions in the NHL. Now Pronger is added to that list of superstars out of the sport indefinitely. I am starting to despise this word completely.

Wonderfully put by Joe Russomanno, “Let's keep a candle lit for Captain Chris and his family as it is his brain that is injured. Hopefully even if he can't continue to play hockey he will be able to live a normal life after this.

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