Pundits throw challenge flag on Obama's football remarks

A children's treasury of nutjob political reactions to Obama's football remarks

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Blog Photo - Pundits throw challenge flag on Obama's football remarksBy now, you've probably heard President Obama's remarks in an interview with The New Republic regarding violence in the sport of football. "I'm a big football fan," Obama said, "but I have to tell you if I had a son, I'd have to think long and hard before I let him play football.

By now you've probably also heard several NFL players respond to those remarks, with Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed sympathizing with the President's comments, and the Ravens other safety Bernard Pollard complaining that "Thirty years from now, I don't think (the NFL) will be in existence."

But you may not have heard the most unhinged responses to Obama's football comments in the New Republic interview  -- the remarks of the nutjob political talking heads from radio and cable TV who are paid to strongly agree or disagree with President Obama no matter what he says or does.

Unsurprisingly, the snarkiest comments come from conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh Monday on "The Rush Limbaugh Show". "While Obama doesn't want his son, Trayvon, to play football as it's currently played, he'll be happy to send your daughters off to combat," Limbaugh said. "Those are Obama's own words: We're gonna make the game less exciting, but we're gonna free your conscience."

I have to admit, I found the Trayvon line a hilarious satire on Obama's comments on the Trayvon Martin case. Apparently, Limbaugh does crack a pretty good joke once in awhile. He repeated it four times in the segment.

Blog Photo - Pundits throw challenge flag on Obama's football remarksMoments later, a listener called in and tied the whole thing in to Benghazi. "That is an excellent rejoinder," Limbaugh observed.

Over at National Review's The Corner blog, conservative pundit Greg Pollowitz draws the exact opposite conclusion. "If college football is too dangerous, I assume 'soldier' is out for his daughters," Pollowitz writes.

The bluster is similarly silly over on the left wing, where Ed Schultz took to the "Ed Show airwaves to decry what he saw as hypocrisy in the remarks. "It's important to point out the President is a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, and loves watching the game," Schultz said. "Everyone loves to see the big plays and the big hits, and it's turning out, 'As long as it's not our kid out there on the field."

Makes you wonder if there aren't more unreported head injuries in the cable TV, radio, and blog business.
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