Puppies announced for 2014 Puppy Bowl

Your 2014 Puppy Bowl roster has been announced

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Blog Photo - Puppies announced for 2014 Puppy BowlAre you ready for some Puppy Bowl? As usual, the basic cable network Animal Planet will be going up against the Super Bowl with their own puppy-powered programming. Puppy Bowl X marks the tenth year that a few dozen puppies are trotted out to play on Super Bowl Sunday, and Animal Planet has released the roster of competitors for this year's Puppy Bowl. Get set to get squealy, and coo over the outrageous cuteness of the canines being featured for Puppy Bowl X.

Puppy Bowl 2014 will feature a halftime performance by Keyboard Cat. Lil Bub has also been scheduled to appear. For Puppy Bowl X, the cheerleaders will be penguins, and viewers at home can draft a "Puppy Bowl fantasy team" with trackable stats and statistical analysis of how well their puppies are puppy-ing.

But the most important part of the Puppy Bowl is the puppies themselves, and Animal Planet has released the roster for Puppy Bowl X. There are 39 pups in all, as no one one puppy plays through the entire Puppy Bowl.

Blog Photo - Puppies announced for 2014 Puppy BowlIn addition to the 39 puppies, Puppy Bowl X will feature Internet cat hero Keyboard Cat for their halftime show. Keyboard Cat will be playing a cover of Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven" (Mr. Mars is performing at the real Super Bowl halftime show). Other Internet cat hero Lil Bub is also scheduled to work the game as an Erin Andrews-style  "correspondent". The Puppy Bowl's Kitty Halftime show will involve an epic domino toppling, and one kitten will arrive onfield via a parachute.

Oh, the people at PETA will probably not be happy about that.

Still, the Puppy Bowl is co-sponsored by the ASPCA, and all of the featured pups are saved from shelters and adopted following the Puppy Bowl taping.
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Puppy fantasy team? I have a bone to pick with that doggone idea. 

1/2/14   |   Jess   |   34885 respect

the hell? Is this for real? This is hilarious. We'll have to DVR it for the kiddo.