Put on your purple shirts, the Minnesota Vikings stadium is no longer a dream

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The Minnesota Vikings’ stadium bill has finally reached the finish line by 36-30 vote in the senate. The Minnesota residence can rest assured that their children will grow up on the Minnesota Vikings’ football, and the older generations will still have a familiar face to root for.

However, it has been a constant struggle to get this bill first approved by first the Minnesota House, and then Senate. Now the only thing left for this bill to be a hundred percent satisfactory is the signature of the Governor of Minnesota. Fear not, he has been a vocal supporter of the Minnesota Vikings’ stadium, and has already given a yes on the bill.

It has been a long and tiring process to get the bill approved; seven years of planning and efforts have gone into this project. Mark and Zygi Wilf, the brothers who bought the Minnesota Vikings seven years ago had put on a brave face in front of constant obstacles to achieve their dream, by maintaining the roots of the Minnesota Vikings.

However, most Minnesota Vikings fans were still daunted by nightmares of a possible shifting of the franchise to Los Angeles, in search of opportunities to develop its stadium facilities. There had been fears that the Wilf brothers would be impartial to the feelings of the Minnesota Vikings supporters. After all, the Minnesota Vikings’ lease on Metrodome had expired this year and they could be looking for other homes for the franchise. Moreover, the facility was not up-to-date and the roof had collapsed.
The Wilf brothers had been at it for a long time, but their proposal was always put-off with more important causes such as the construction of facilities for the Minnesota football team, and other such projects for the Twins.

After winning a 73-58 voting by the Minnesota Representatives, the future of the new Minnesota Vikings stadium looked evermore brighter.

Consequently, the Senate’s approval will mean that the plans for the $975 million stadium will finally see daylight. While the Minnesota Vikings’ have been asked to cough up an additional $50 million, bringing-up the owners share to $477, there has been no hesitation from the owners to see the see the plans of stadium through. The state has promised a contribution of $348 million, while the Minneapolis City will give $150 million.

The stadium is planned for 2016, and it will ensure a lease of another 30 years for the Minnesota Vikings. The owners of the Minnesota Vikings will pay an additional $13 million in form of operational charges, although the city can rent the facilities for special events. The owners of the Minnesota Vikings have been briefed that they can even install retractable roof, but it will come from their own pockets.

The Legislature had only a two day margin remaining to approve the bill, and although the additional $50 million may be a little hard to swallow for the owners, it will rest the minds of the Minnesota Vikings fans to know that the franchise is still their own. It goes to show that hard work, persistence and dreaming big does pay-off.
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