QB Jay Cutler: No feud with Chicago Bears offensive coach Mike Tice

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Jay Cutler’s exhilarating performance against the at the Chicago Bears’ dominating 34-18 win against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday struck like a breath of fresh air after poorer on-field displays over the last couple of weeks. However, even in victory Jay Cutler again became the center of tabloids after he was captured on national television in an awkward exchange with Chicago Bears’ coordinator Mike Tice.
During the second quarter of the game, the offensive coordinator walked over to the bench to sit beside Jay Cutler and communicate but camera crews captured the quarterback walking off from an astounded Mike Tice.
Jay Cutler downplayed the sideline incident on Tuesday, insisting that such things often happen during the heat of the game.
"It wasn't about anything," said Jay Cutler. "We got into a third-and-1 situation. We'd talked about getting in third-and-short all week…A crucial point in the game where we didn't convert."
However, Mike Tice certainly didn’t think the sideline situation “wasn't about anything” as the offensive coordinator is calling a press conference to address the issue on Wednesday. Usually, team coordinators aren’t available to the media following games, and can only be accessed once a week.
Jay Cutler’s reaction on the sideline drew particular attention in a game where tempers flew due to the late communication of play calls from the coaches, that blew a couple of Chicago Bears’ timeouts. Jay Cutler took a timeout with just 6:08 minutes till the second quarter.
 But Jay Cutler again dismissed that notion that there existed hurt feelings between him and Mike Tice, insisting that the two sorted out the situation soon afterwards.
In his opinion, the 10-seaond clip capturing the scene doesn’t do justice to what happened on the sidelines during the game.
"Everyone's mad,” said Jay Cutler.  “He (Mike Tice) was mad because we didn't convert it.”
“So I took a second, came back to him and was like, 'Hey, let's let it go,’” added Jay Cutler. “‘We're going to have a lot more opportunities, let's keep moving on.' And he agreed.”
While the match was close at that stage, the Chicago Bears soon took a solid lead in a match where they converted on 58 percent of third downs. Jay Cutler credited Mike Tice for the “good” play calls that constituted to a “great game” for the Chicago Bears.
As for himself, Jay Cutler played one of the highlights of his career with a 140.1 quarterback passer rating, completing 18 of 24 passes for 275 yards and earning two touchdowns with zero receptions for the Chicago Bears.
Nevertheless, the media’s ruthless portrayal of the quarterback’s lack of respect for offensive coach Mike Tice, still stuck with Jay Cutler.
"I don't have to sit by him the whole game, do I?" said Jay Cutler. “(I) got up, got some water, watched the defense for 10 seconds, came back and talked to Mike.”
"No (I wasn’t upset).  I know we’ve got to sell papers…and it’s hard out there,” Jay Cutler took a jab at the print media. “But we can’t blow up every headline.”
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